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Are you in need of help with publishing your book? Do you need an extra pair of eyes on a blog post or article before hitting "Publish?" Is your blog overrun with comments that you can't keep up with? If you need a newsletter written, I'm your girl!

For examples of my previous works, please find my portfolio here Writing Portfolio

Price list: 

Articles from $50 

  • Publishing, From $50
    • Book Description
    • Taglines/Loglines
    • eBook Design/Publishing
    • Proofreading
    • Amazon Keyword Analysis
  • Social Media, From $50
    • Pinterest Management
    • Twitter Management
    • Instagram Management
    • Facebook Management
  • Blogging, From $50
    • Blog Editing
    • Blog comment moderation
    • Blog Posting
    • Disqus Installation
    • Blog Posting
    • Newsletter Creation/Management
  • Design
    • Pin Design for Pinterest
    • eBook Cover using Unsplash Images, or your own
    • Audible Book Cover using Unsplash Images, or your own
  • Misc. From $50
    • Data Entry
    • Transcription
    • Calendar Management
Currently booking for Fall and Winter 2017. 

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