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Hi, guys! My name is Rebekah Martin, but most people call me Becky. I'm a writer, Netflix Binge Watcher, and Cooking Enthusiast. I'm also a massive Disney and Jane Austen Enthusiast, and frequently, you'll see Jane Austen, the cat, around this blog.
Jane Austen
6 years old
I fell in love with writing, and knew I wanted to tell stories when I was in third grade at Loess Hills Christian School, and my parents took me to see Little Women at Omaha's Cinema Center, which has since closed. Until that time, I had no idea that people actually WROTE stories, but I knew that it was what I wanted more than anything.

When I was a senior in high school, I entered a local short story competition at the insistence of my high school librarian, Ms. Blaine (She was trying to get others to do so, as well, but no one is as crazy as me, I guess). I came in second, won $50, and that's the only writing award I've ever won. I don't even know where that story is, or how I spent the money, but there was a short ceremony at the public library, and it may have made the newspaper. This was back in 2003-04, so online news hadn't hit its stride yet.

I graduated in 2009 with my BFA in Creative Writing, and minors in Music and Digital Film.

Welcome to my page, where you can get further updates on anything I'm writing, as well as tips on what I learn as I continue my publishing journey.

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