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It is a Truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a Jane Austen Addiction must be in want of a blog.

Because how else do you share your life with the world?


I've been a card carrying member of Club Weird since I was little. I got taller than everyone fast, I was shy, and I read during recess. Making friends is difficult, and I regret a lot of the choices I made in life. 

However, here at The Modern Jane Austen, I want to celebrate how unique personalities can make a difference. Look at Jane. She was a writer in a time when women didn't make names for themselves in anything. She wrote stories about life and people and we've discovered that people haven't changed in 200 years.

When I was in college, I would watch people around me and give them a Jane label. That girl is such a Lydia! So flighty, so flirty. What a Mr. Collins you are! No, I will not marry you. No means no!


If you'd like to stick around, and I hope you will, you'll find stories of misadventures, people watching, and a lot of book and movie reviews. I also like to bake, and that can sometimes turn into a story in itself. 

Join me and let's live and laugh together!

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