Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I Tried Low Carb Cloud Bread (And Survived!)

I'd been avoiding this new trendy food thing for a while. Didn't want to make it, didn't want to try it, didn't want anything to do with it. It just looked weird. And rubbery.

However, I've recently realized that my body does better on lower carb, so I decided to give it a whirl. If it was terrible, I'd add it to the list of things I'd never ever try again.

Know what? It wasn't half bad.

What is Cloud Bread?

Cloud Bread is a bread-like substance made of separated eggs, cream cheese, and any seasonings you want to add. You can make it sweet or savory, and it works very well for sandwiches. It's low carb, contains mostly fat (don't worry. It'll help keep you full), and when you cook it long enough, it's very sturdy. I've been known to undercook it and it sticks to my fingers. Whoops!

How is it made?

  1. Preheat oven to 300 Degrees Fahrenheit. Line a baking sheet with a Silpat or parchment paper.
  2. Add Cream of Tartar to your Egg Whites and whip with a mixer with a whisk attachment until stiff peaks form (That means when you pull the whisk out, the egg whites stand up on their own. The Cream of tartar helps give them structure).
  3. In another bowl, beat your egg yolks and cream cheese until uniform and there are no clumps of cheese left (I've tried this with a whisk and with a mixer and a mixer is superior for really smooth eggs and cream cheese).
  4. Carefully fold a scoop of your egg whites into the egg yolks. To fold, use a rubber spatula to cut through the whites and fold the yolks over the top. Repeat until the first round is incorporated, and add the remainder. 
  5. Use a scoop or spoon to spoon the mixture onto your baking sheet. bake for 30 minutes until golden. Let rest for 1 hour.
  6. Store in a plastic bag in your fridge. 
Check out the video to see it done!

Why Would You Ever Eat Such a Thing? Bread is Life!

I know. And I love bread and pastry as much as the next amateur blogger. I'm addicted to Cupcake Jemma videos on YouTube and have more dessert pins on Pinterest than probably anyone. But the fact of the matter is, my health is what I'm focusing on. I'm tall, but I'm heavy. My joints ache, I'm tired all the time, so I'm in the process of searching for what is a good eating plan for me. 

My sister has been doing Keto since may, and she just hit the 50-pound mark. I'm so proud of her, and I've seen on my own journey that lower carb seems to work. 

Also, I think I'm addicted to sugar, and if I don't eat every couple of hours I get shaky and cranky. Since starting Keto (High fat, moderate protein, low carb), I haven't been hungry every two hours, Breakfast keeps me until actual lunch, I've lost weight, I'm more alert, and I'm discovering that a side of rice or potatoes isn't really necessary to make a rounded plate. 

Don't worry, this isn't going to become a Keto blog. It's still a lifestyle blog, with guest posts, and a lot of fun things to keep you informed.

Until Next Time!

Your turn!

  • Have you tried Cloud Bread?
  • How about Keto?
  • Got a favorite low carb recipe? Share in the comments!

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  1. A friend of mine is close to hit the 100 pound mark on Keto and is feeling fantastic. I've never tried cloud bread and to be honest I'm SUPER skeptical that it will taste like bread in any way, but also equal parts curious. :)

    1. It has a fluffy texture like bread, but that's pretty much where the similarities end. But it's also got a mild flavor, which helps.

  2. I haven't tried cloud bread, but I've heard of it. I love that Jesus meme though--I giggle every time I see it!

    1. Me too! I busted up laughing for five minutes the first time I saw that meme!

  3. That's awesome. I never even heard of cloud bread but it sounds kinda delicious to me!

    1. It's not bad, and from what I've gathered on Pinterest (and Buzzfeed) pretty versatile!