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Why "The Decoy Bride" is the Movie to Watch this Valentine's Day

I'm in love with Romantic Comedies. With a blog called The Modern Jane Austen, you'd expect me to love them, and you'd be right. I like love and like comedy. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought I'd share with you one of my favorites.

Have you seen The Decoy Bride starring David Tennant and Kelly MacDonald? If you haven't you're missing out on the best RomCom on Netflix. Want to know why?

David Tennant is absolutely adorkable.

Seriously. As a massive Whovian, I'll watch anything David Tennant is in (though, Jessica Jones might have scarred me for life). Plus, this movie gave us David Tennant doing this:

But he plays writer, James Arber, who is engaged to famous actress, Lara Tyler (Alice Eve), and they just want to have a private wedding ceremony, so they travel to the remote Scottish island of Hegg, which is the location for James' premier (and verbose) novel.

Kelly MacDonald is the heart broken single chick everyone relates to at one point or another.

Kelly MacDonald plays Katie who returns to her hometown to nurse her broken heart. She also arrives just in time to see the wedding of the last single man on the island, Angus, who had been carrying a torch for Katie and finally gave up.

But after returning home, she's at the point where we all are most of the time: ready to focus on nothing but bettering ourselves, because obviously nothing better is going to come along. Right? I know I'm pretty convinced that I'm not alluring to men. ;-)

It's written by Shazzer (Sally Phillips) from Bridget Jones' Diary.

Yeah. The same character who dropped lots of F bombs in Bridget Jones wrote and co-stars in this fun movie as the assistant to Lara's agent, Steve. 

Poor woman needs a vacation and a raise, but since she essentially is assisting the man who is running a Starlet's life, she doesn't get a break. 

Personally, I love it when writers take small parts in their own movies. Maybe it's a desire to do it myself, one day. ;-)

Katie's mom has the best bucket list, even if she goes about it the wrong way.

Katie's mom runs the local bed and breakfast, and is very sick. She can no longer walk, and believes that it's her fate to travel the world and be thrown into a volcano, to her death. She's a bit morbid, but she definitely has Katie's best interests at heart throughout the film. 

She even goes about blackmail to get what she wants. She's not perfect, but she knows what she wants.

Lara is a surprisingly relatable character, despite being the hottest actress in Hollywood.

When I first saw the logline to this movie on Netflix, I expected Lara Tyler to be an unlikable Diva, but she's absolutely not. She's kind and considerate, as well as talented and beautiful. I really wanted to hate her (so I could easily root for Katie and James), but I really liked her. She's sweet. You really want her to have the privacy she desires for her wedding, even when a group of paparazzi shows up on the island. She can deal. She even knows how to disguise herself to look old with basic cosmetics.

If you loved Michael Urie in Ugly Betty, you'll adore him in this. 

He's got some of the best lines in the whole movie. He's shrill, bossy, manipulative, judgemental, and doing the best he can for his client. You just kind of love to hate him. It's pretty great.

Katie is an awkward but loveable heroine. 

Despite being down and out, Katie is open to trying new things, even if she doesn't think they'll work. She goes back to working at a local bookstore, and at her boss's suggestion, she writes a guidebook to the island. This is suggested after stocking several copies of James Arber's book, The Ornithologist's Wife, which is not as accurate as the citizens of Hegg would want. 

She also tries to talk herself up, even if it comes out as the most awkward thing in the world. We empathize with her embarrassment. After meeting the first new man to come to Hegg in generations, she gives him this:

She's also not afraid to stand up for herself, her family, or her precious island. No one can make fun of it, except her. Don't we all feel that way about our hometowns?

If you have Netflix, I highly recommend this amazing movie. It's just fun, sweet, and absolutely hilarious. Plus, we could all use more David Tennant in our lives, since Doctor Who is no longer on Netflix. 

  • What movies on Netflix do you think I should watch?
  • Have you see The Decoy Bride? What did you think?


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