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Netflix Pick: 5 Romance Movies You Need to Watch

When I was a kid, I never thought I'd be a romance movie fan, but like a lot in my life, the big change happened when I was nine, when I saw Little Women for the first time (If you've been following me for any length of time, you know that my life seems to center around this film).

Just for fun, I thought I'd share my favorite Netflix Romance movies. Sometimes, when you're looking for a good romance, it's hard to know where to look. If you get too far down into the Bowels of Netflix, as I call it, you can either find a diamond, or nothing but utter crap. Unfortunately, the crap outweighs the diamonds, much like in life.

Without further ado.

The Decoy Bride

I know. I just wrote about it on Monday, but this film, starring David Tennant, Kelly MacDonald, and Alice Eve is one of my absolute favorites, ever.

In Case You Missed it, the long and short of it is that Alice Eve is Lara Tyler, film superstar who just wants to privately marry her boyfriend, James (David Tennant), a writer of a terribly long book about the Isle of Hegg, a fictional island in Scotland. When a famed paparazzo, Marco Bellani, invades their wedding, Lara's publicist, Steve, sneaks them away to the Isle of Hegg, where Katie lives, for a remote wedding with just the two of them. Upon discovering that their location has been sold to the press, and Lara has disappeared upon finding Bellani while on a hike, Steve hires Katie to pose as Lara in a wedding dress and heavy veil, to fool the press (and James).

Katie (MacDonald) is extremely likable and has the best lines ("I'm kryptonite to men. Kryptonite dipped in cellulite"). Her chemistry with David Tennant is the cutest thing on Netflix, honestly. And Lara is such a likable character that you root for her, too, despite wanting Katie and James to end up together.

Plus, it has blessed us with this gif:


I don't know what I was doing when I found this gem of a movie, but it's been like six years since I first saw it, and it just hits me in the feels every time.

In a world where your DNA can tell you down to the day when you'll meet your soulmate, 20-something Oona has been waiting a long time. A company installs a timer into your wrist to count it down, provided your soul mate also has one. Oona and her stepsister, Steph, both fear and revere the Timer. It's what brought their parents together, and created their perfect family. Oona's TiMER hasn't lit up despite having had it since she was a teenager, and Steph won't meet her soulmate until she is middle-aged. The two have completely separate life philosophies, and after finding out their younger brother will meet his soulmate in a week, Oona throws caution to the wind and goes for a one-night stand with grocery checker, Mikey, who flirted with her early in the story. When Oona starts to really fall for Mikey, she starts to wonder if the Timer system could be wrong.

This movie really makes you think about the way the world ticks when it comes to love and relationships. Do soul mates exist? Is love something that is biological or is it a choice you make every single day. The ending is also open to interpretation, which is just like life.

In Your Eyes

Anyone who knows me knows that I greatly admire Joss Whedon as a writer. He's got the ability to pull on your heartstrings and make you cry in the corner for weeks (Still crying over Tara on Buffy, and it's been over ten years).

He wrote this lovely story about two people who are somehow psychically linked, and in the process of getting to know each other, make each other better, and fall in love.

I love the movies that might not necessarily get a full-blown marketing treatment. It's sad, but sometimes, those movies that come around quietly and aren't pretentious in their intentions are the absolute best.

If I Stay

I'd heard about this one for awhile. I have a teenage cousin, and I'm sure she probably read it and told me about it. Or, maybe I just saw the trailer somewhere. When I found it on Netflix, I knew I had to watch it. I actually related to the musically inclined protagonist, though I'm not as great a musician as she is. 

This film isn't just about a young woman making a choice to not wake up from a coma, it's about her choice in staying close to home to be near her boyfriend, or following her dream to go to Julliard. We need to figure out what matters most to us, but there are always repercussions to any choice we make.

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

You know I had to include this one, right? It's relatively new to the Netflix family, and while I was super jazzed to see it, I was disappointed at where the film ended. There are two different endings: One ends when Darcy and Lizzy ask permission to marry. The American version ends with Darcy and Lizzy at Pemberley. This one ends with them asking permission (The British Version), which, unless you're prepared for that, it comes as a shock. Or, at least, it did to me. 


People do have very strong opinions about which version is best, and while story-wise, I think nothing can beat the 1995 version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, this version is just gorgeous. The music, cinematography, costumes, everything is beautiful.

  • Hit me! What movies do YOU love on Netflix that I should add to my list?


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