Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New...Something?

To say I haven't felt like posting lately has been an understatement. The last post I did was a book review in November. I've been working a lot, trying to keep things above water with Christmas and whatnot (don't worry. Nothing bad has been happening. Just a lot of stuff), but I've also been working on my next couple books, using Scrivener. I'm really enjoying using Scrivener. It's a great tool for writers.

In the coming months, I hope to be able to use this blog not only to build my own freelance writing portfolio, but also to help other writers, whether they want to freelance, or they want to write fiction or screenplays. I'm reading a lot on characterization, writing scenes, making compelling stories, and eventually, I hope to be able to pass on what I've learned to everyone else.

The past few months have been eye-opening for me in regards to where I want to be in my life. I want to write. That's the short answer. For awhile, I thought I could be happy learning to design websites, and I'm sure I still could learn and be successful, but it's not where my passion is. Writing is my passion, and in the new year, I'm going to aim to post at least once a week, if not twice. I'm also going to be looking for more opportunities to write on other websites with pop culture stories, food related articles, and maybe music. I've recently joined forces with Omaha Performing Arts, and over the next few months, I'll be sharing a lot of the great things they have coming up (look for the first of many blogs about OPA later this week!).

Usually, I try to be somewhat resolution-minded, but I'm getting tired of resolutions that don't really pan out. It's frustrating and probably sets a person up for failure. As a blogger, I'm going to start treating this blog, and Built By Beks as part of my job.

  • What is your passion?
  • What do you want to accomplish in 2016?

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