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Kitchen Cravings (Sponsored Post)

Frisket is probably the cutest puppy in the world. Not probably. He is. All of my friends think so, random strangers think so, he's just the best. Quite the little love, too. When Lauren visited, he did his normal "Intruder Alert" bark before realizing who it was, and then he was all, "My friend is here! My friend is here!"

He's going to be celebrating his fourteenth birthday this summer, but being a tiny dog, he'll always be a little baby to me. A cuddly little Ewok when his hair gets too long, with the sweetest eyes in the world.

Yeah. I love my pup, which is why it's important to give him quality food.

A few years back, when I lost my first dog, Charmie to gastric torsion, I read up on how to prevent it in the future, and diet is a big part of it. Smaller dogs like Frisket don't necessarily have to worry about it, but nutrition is always important.

I really do love Blue Buffalo treats. They're real meat and real ingredients, which makes i…

Weekend Fun

To say I was excited for this weekend would be an understatement. Don't get me wrong, last weekend, my best friend came to town, and we had a ball, but this past weekend was getting my schedule more or less back to normal, and as most people know, getting back to normal is very calming, but energizing at the same time.

I did have some big plans to go to the gym on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then today, but it won't be happening. Friday and Saturday, I was too tired to do much of anything, and sitting at the beginnings of a cold. Never fun. Sunday, it got worse. I had a fever, I was tired and achy. The works. Thankfully, I'm feeling a wee bit better today.

But I don't want to talk about sickness. I want to talk about my first ballet experience in almost twenty years. Yes, you read that right. TWENTY YEARS.

If you recall one of my previous posts, The Moscow Festival Ballet was coming to Omaha to perform The Sleeping Beauty for us. On Saturday night, despite unbelievab…

Tea Time for Cats (Sponsored Post)

We all know how I love my cats, right? I'm pretty sure that if Jane would let me, I'd get about ten more. As it is, she hates Henry and only sometimes tolerates Tris. But, they're all my loves and I adore them.

When we moved into a smaller house a year and a half ago, we had to figure out where to put their cat boxes, since our house is so small. We decided one downstairs, which my mom takes care of, and then there's one in my bedroom, which is always open for them to get to. 
Having a cat box in my bedroom is actually like going back to my senior year of college when I had Henry and Jane in my dorm, and to hear my neighbors talk when they came to my room, you wouldn't know two cats lived in the space to smell it. 
We've been using a conventional clumping litter since we moved in, and when reached out to me to try some products for my cats, I got pretty excited when I saw WeRuVa Hinoki Wood and Green Tea cat litter
I've never heard of Hinoki wo…

$200 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway!!!!

Just to catch everyone up, we all know I'm a coffee fiend, right? Like, I LOVE coffee. Sadly, I can't drink it as much as I used to, so I'm forced to stop before noon unless I want decaf. It's almost a rule that writers need to love either coffee or tea. I'm a coffee person until noon, and then it's all tea, otherwise, I won't be able to get to sleep at night. 

That said, I'm really excited today to bring you a giveaway! Who wouldn't love a $200 Starbucks gift card, right? There's so much you can do with it, and I'm sure it would make your early morning commute just a touch easier (I know it'd make MINE more fun!).

See below to have a shot at winning this amazing prize!

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Once Upon a Dream: Sleeping Beauty by the Moscow Festival Ballet (Sponsored Post)

This post has been sponsored by Omaha Performing Arts. I received tickets for the ballet in return for helping them advertise.
When my sister and I were little, her favorite movie was Sleeping Beauty. I couldn't tell you why, but she was enamored of this thing. She would come home from preschool or kindergarten, we'd watch it, we'd go up to our room to act it out (guess who was always Aurora? I'll give you a hint. It was never me. *grumbles*).

Did you know that Disney used the same music originally composed by Tchaikovsky for Sleeping Beauty as a ballet? I think it's the only time they've ever done this (Fantasia doesn't count), and it really makes the movie, if you ask me. That's why I was so excited to find that the Moscow Ballet is going to be in Omaha this month to perform Sleeping Beauty at the Orpheum Theater! And we know how much I love the Orpheum Theatre.

A cherished ballet featuring fairytale princesses and malevolent witches in a storybook kin…

New Year, New...Something?

To say I haven't felt like posting lately has been an understatement. The last post I did was a book review in November. I've been working a lot, trying to keep things above water with Christmas and whatnot (don't worry. Nothing bad has been happening. Just a lot of stuff), but I've also been working on my next couple books, using Scrivener. I'm really enjoying using Scrivener. It's a great tool for writers.

In the coming months, I hope to be able to use this blog not only to build my own freelance writing portfolio, but also to help other writers, whether they want to freelance, or they want to write fiction or screenplays. I'm reading a lot on characterization, writing scenes, making compelling stories, and eventually, I hope to be able to pass on what I've learned to everyone else.

The past few months have been eye-opening for me in regards to where I want to be in my life. I want to write. That's the short answer. For awhile, I thought I could …