Monday, November 2, 2015

Girlfriend Vacation Day1: The Long Journey

It finally came! Vacation has finally happened! The trip there and back was exhausting, but it was all worth it.

Kiri and I left on Wednesday night at 9 for Des Moines, where we picked up Lisa, who didn't get off work until about 11. I drove the first couple hours from Council Bluffs to Des Moines, and after getting food at Abelardo's, Lisa drove us to Kansas City, while I slept in the back seat (I was SOOOOOO SLEEPY!). 

I took no pictures during that time but waited until we got to the airport.

Aunt Donna took us to the airport on Thursday morning (Thank you!), and KC Airport is probably the easiest airport I've ever been through. Even easier than Eppley! There are the drop off doors, and right next to it is the gate to get to your plane. 

From KC, we flew to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which was a very quick flight. Our connecting flight to Miami was on the biggest plane I'd ever ridden on. And the nicest. We flew with American Airlines, and I don't care what reviewers say. I thought the people we dealt with from the check-in desk to the flight attendants were all very kind. You hear these horror stories about airlines, but it's really never been my experience. *knock on wood* 

Three rows of seats in coach.

It was raining in DFW. Aways fun.

Okay, now how awesome is this? There was a screen on the back of the chair in front of me, with a remote, a plug to charge my phone, and tons of free shows, movies, articles, music, and games! I watched Pitch Perfect 2, and it might be sacrilege, but I thought it was better than Pitch Perfect. I know I'm in the minority.

 I asked for the window seat on the way out, and look at the billowy clouds below! Like Care-A-Lot!

I wanted the window so I could see the Gulf of Mexico as we flew over. It was pretty dark, but the pictures show more than I was actually able to see.

After nearly a full day of traveling, I was so relieved to get to Miami, where our cousin, Ann, was waiting for us at the airport. Check out the city!

My mom sent us down with a quilt she'd made for Ann, which was supposed to get to her last year when we drove down, but we ended up not meeting up. So armed with a carry-on suitcase (which I never take onboard), we took it all the way to Miami, and Ann and her family loved it. Ann later told me the boys were taking turns sleeping with it. 

Their house is so cute, and the in-laws are super close, sharing a backyard (courtyard?). It's awesome that the boys are so close to their grandparents. I'm glad I grew up with mine.

 We also fell in love with their dog, Daisy. She was a sweetie pie.

I feel like Kiri, Ann, and I need to get together more often. As the Martin girl cousins, we're almost convinced that we have a superpower of remembering teeny tiny details that freak people out (I've used this power to freak out our cousin Joe's wife, Brooke, shortly after we met). I think the three of us should vacation together sometime. (hint! hint!)

There will be more pictures to come because I have so much to share about the trip itself, but now, I'm just thankful we made it. 

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