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Girlfriend Vacation Day 2: Embarkation Day!

Ready for Day 2 of the journey? The best part of the journey? 

I always get so excited for that first glimpse of the boat. I don't really remember it when we went on our first cruise, a Carnival, in 2009, but on the Disney Dream in 2011, we were driving up in a Limo my mom rented for us, and my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and my mom saw the boat first. She squealed and pointed, showing the excitement we were all feeling. On our second Disney cruise in 2014, out of Miami, we'd been driving for over 24 hours, and the Florida interstate was nearly never-ending. The exhaustion was overtaken by the excitement we felt the moment we saw the red funnels of the Disney Wonder.

Ann drove us from her home near Ft. Lauderdale down to the Port of Miami, and on our way there, it was raining (Not exactly how you want to start your vacation). Apparently it rains every day in Florida? 

When we got to the port, said our goodbyes to Ann (Love you! Miss you!), and we headed through security.

But on the other side of security were people just as nerdy about Disney as me. Like this family who dressed up as the cast of Inside Out (which I saw during our second day at sea. Amazing!). At last! Among my people!

When you check into your cruise online, you can pick a time to get on board, based on your travel plans. Since we got in the night before, I made sure to sign us up for the first time available, 11 AM, and we were in Group 5, so we didn't need to wait to get onto the boat!

Goofy is preparing the back of the ship for our cruise!

Crossing the gangway, ready to say Goodbye to Miami!

The Halloween Tree! I didn't catch the story (I ran late to it. Boo), but the next day, the tree was covered in Jack-o-lanterns!

The beautiful 3-deck atrium, decorated in an Art Deco fashion. Captain Mickey and his helm stand in front of Lumiere's French Restaurant. The Disney Magic is Disney's first Cruise Ship of their own (they used to rent and sail on The Big Red Boat). 

After getting lunch at Cabanas, the buffet styled after Finding Nemo, we decided to explore the ship, and we started with Senses Spa & Salon, where we got a tour, coupons for different treatments, and an invitation to come back for the drawing later that afternoon. 

All cruise ships are required to do a safety drill before we can leave port. Our meeting place was at the Animator's Palate, and while there we met three people, Jen, Renee, and Jen's daughter, Ava, who drew a picture of me while we were waiting for the drill to be over. I didn't get a picture, but we hung out with them a few times during the cruise. 

At the Spa drawing, none of us won anything, but they did offer a treatment, 5 Steps to Heaven, which was $100 off for people who came to the drawing. Kiri and Lisa opted to get it, and scheduled their appointment for that night. I would've if I could've afforded it, but while they were there, I walked around the ship, taking tons of pictures. I was going to go to a Movie Quote Trivia Game, but they started early and were halfway done when I got there, so I left. 

Deck 4 between Mickey's Mainsail and White Caps. I love this picture, with the carpet, and the picture of Walt Disney framed at the end of the hall.

This was about as quite as the Quite Cove was when it wasn't night time, but it was still always quiet, despite the family pool being just on the other side of the funnel, where it was always crowded, noisy, and nearly impossible to pass without bumping into someone. In the Quiet Cove, it is perfectly quiet, which I love. 

Despite the showers that preceeded our cruise, the rest of it was sunny and bright. You could see storms in the distance, and I could feel the rocking of the boat, so I'm guessing they were going a bit faster to go around the storms. But, we got to see some cool rainbows!

Anyway, that's all for now! Check back later for more adventures in cruising!

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