Monday, November 9, 2015

Blog Tour: A Sister's Place by Savannah Page

A Sister's PlaceA Sister's Place by Savannah Page
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm very particular in my stories about sisters. Having a sister myself, I probably like to see my relationship reflected on the page. Why? No idea. The author hasn't met me. Even in this story, I didn't see my weird relationship with my big sister, but there are always similarities.
I was always very close to both of my grandmothers. I remember my maternal grandmother teaching me how to make Keethla Cookies and I remember hanging out with my paternal grandmother during a music contest day that took place across the street from her house. I spent a lot of time with them until their deaths in 2004. I don't know if my sister had a similar relationship with them, but I hope she did. Grandmothers are important, as are sisters, and I love how this book braided the relationships together to show how beautiful family is.
The premise of two sisters being forced to live together in order to keep their family home is perfect for a movie, and I honestly think it should be done. This is the kind of story that pulls on your heartstrings because it's so relatable. I felt like during my college years, my sister and I were at this fork, where we could either go our separate ways, or we could get closer. This is the same situation that Gracie and Juliette found themselves in, and Grandma Mimi saw that.
I love stories that speak to me, and this one definitely did. I can't wait to read more by Savannah Page.

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