Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blog Tour: "How Do You Know?" by Meredith Schorr

How Do You Know?  (Seeking Happily Ever After, #1)How Do You Know? by Meredith Schorr
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Meredith Schorr has a way of writing my emotions into books. I don't know how this is. We've never met in person, and until "Blogger Girl," I never knew she existed.
I don't mean this in a bad way, at all. Just gonna say that right now. In this book, Maggie is about to turn 40. She spends her entire year grousing about turning 40, and if she's ready, what her life should be at that age, based on what everyone around her is doing (Comparison really is the thief of joy). I know exactly how she feels. I just turned 30 two weeks ago, and all my friends are starting to settle down.
I did have a hard time getting into this book. Probably because it kept hitting the notes of how I feel, which is WEIRD. Blogger Girl did the same thing.
I think I'd probably be friends with Maggie. She swears more than I like (I'm such a lady with language, it's not even funny), but she's very sincere, cares for her friends and family, and most of all, doesn't want to be the reason someone's future gets ruined. We've all been there.
I really love that Meredith writes such relatable characters. One of the hardest parts of characterization is writing a person who isn't perfect. I have the problem of writing the person I wish to be into my characters. When that happens, you end up with a Mary Sue. Or worse. Bella Swan. That doesn't happen with Maggie Piper. She's funny, she's nice, she makes mistakes, she says the wrong thing, she can't lie to her family (again, I relate). She's a real person, which is exactly why you wanted to root for her, why you wanted to see her get her happily ever after, by any means necessary.

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