Saturday, August 15, 2015

This Week on Instagram

I've been utilizing Instagram a lot more lately, and I thought it'd be fun to show what all I've taken this week (Mostly because the last picture absolutely cracks me up).

My nails were pretty long at the start of the week. I don't like them this long. Lesson learned.

I LOVED this Jammicure. I thought the purples matched perfectly, I got to show off a wrap that's going away for my customers (Runner Girl), and it was just a flirty summer look. They started peeling almost immediately. I think it was because I'm not used to wrapping such long nails.

Do you watching Ink Masters on Spike? I didn't until three weeks ago. One of the contestants, Chris Blinston, is from Omaha, and founded Big Brain, which is where my sister and I got our tattoos, and he even did one of my sister's! There have been viewing parties, and this past week, DJ's Dugout at Aksarben Village opened up the entire restaurant for a party, and Chris was actually there. My parents had just come back from their vacation that day, and despite being bone tired, they came out to watch with us.

Kiri and I even got to meet (And hug! He's a hugger!) Chris! Seems like a nice guy.

And my dad won one of the drawings! A T-shirt designed by a local artists. It's got skulls on it, which aren't really dad's taste, but it was fun that he won something, just the same.

The Fall Jamberry Catalog is in! Starting September 1, our amazing fall wraps will be available, plus some awesome new surprises! If you'd like to host a party for your own hostess rewards, I'd be glad to help!

This picture I just had to share. We were watching 101 Dalmatians, and Henry was just staring at the screen. It was absolutely hilarious. He and Jane have been known to watch TV (I'm almost positive Jane's favorite movie is The Emperor's New Groove. She always watches it when we do), but his rapt attention on the dogs in this movie was hilarious. He hasn't shown this much interest in a movie since we watched The Three Lives of Thomasina at the old house (BTW, we've been at the new house for a YEAR! How'd that happen?!). I love my animals. They're so funny!

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