Monday, June 15, 2015

Pure Puppy Passion: Frisket Gets a Present (Affiliate Post)

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Frisket is a super playful puppy. He always has been. He loves all kinds of game, playing fetch, especially. He even likes playing with the cats if they'll let him.

They usually don't.

He's going to be thirteen next month, and while he's turning into quite the grumpy curmudgeon, he still loves cuddles, getting his belly rubbed, and playing fetch.

When we were camping a few weeks back, he actually fell out of the truck. Not sure if he jumped, and slipped, or if he actually fell out, but for awhile there, we actually thought he may have dislocated his arm. We gave him half of an ibuprofen, and aside from acting a little stoned, he seemed to have felt better.

He seems to be doing much better now, and when I got contacted by to try something new for my pets, I knew that I wanted to get something for Frisket. Old dog that he's becoming (but he'll always be my pupper), I wanted to get him something that would help him feel like a young pup.

Nutramax Cosequin Minis are soft chews that provide needed medicine for healthy joints. They help provide mobility, cartilage, and joint support so Frisket can run and not grow weary or sore. Since they're soft chews, Frisket can chew them easily, and he's always left wanting more.

Chewy is so sweet, they also sent him a little rubber toy that almost looks like a tiny strand of DNA. I wasn't sure if Frisket would actually play with it, because he usually likes tennis balls, and ripping soft toys to shreds, but when he saw this, he went absolutely BANANAS for it! It was hilarious watching him. He took it everywhere for the first few days, too.

Now, that's a happy dog. <3

Disclaimer: Products provided by for my opinion, which are all my own. 

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