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Chick Lit vs. Women's Fiction: The Constant Whining of Artistes

I've been a superfan of Chick Lit and Chick Flick probably since the mid to late 90's. I loved love stories, funny stories, and stories with awesome clothes. The fact that I loved writing these stories in college was kind of a thorn in the side of my teachers and classmates, who thought my love of Romantic Comedy wasn't worth their time (Seriously). In fact, my best friend, Lauren, and I bonded after our Screenwriting class, on our way to the Commons for lunch, because we were both discouraged that our screenplays, hers a black romantic comedy, and mind a fluffy romantic comedy, were torn apart by classmates whose own works were, for lack of a better word, weird.

Last week, I read an article on Buzzfeed about how Chick Lit is a degrading title that holds women back from their works being viewed as "Literature." This article actually made me mad, because I see Chick Lit as a specific genre. Wikipedia describes Chick Lit asgenre fiction which addresses issues of mo…

Can You Paint With All the Colors of Acrylic? (The Vino Van Gogh Experience + GIVEAWAY!)

I haven't sat down to paint a picture since I took painting 101 when I was a freshman in high school. Back then, I learned several techniques, but then left them in the classroom. I did give my grandmother a painting I did of Green Gables (Of Anne of Green Gables fame. I was a massive fan back then) for her nursing home room when I was eighteen, though. Otherwise, I never really took the time to paint.

When I got the opportunity to try Vino Van Gogh, a local traveling painting class, I was on top of that so fast. I was given the opportunity to try a class for free with a friend, so I chose my sister to come with me. You guys know I'm always up for a sister date!

Vino Van Gogh has you pick a class based on what the painting is that's being taught, and the restaurant it's being taught as. Teachers travel to different places, and ask that you also get something from the restaurant. The restaurant we went to was Fernando's on Pacific in Omaha, a festive Mexican restaur…

What You Don't Know

Today, I'm part of a blogger link up, and I'm really excited about sharing some things that you might not know about me. I like to think I'm an open book, but everyone has their secrets, or just things people don't notice about them.

Here goes:

The older I get, the more in tune I get with animals. I think for most people, it starts out that way, as children, but leaves them as they age. I'm pretty sure I'm the exact opposite. I feel like if I don't like an animal, that animal doesn't have a good side (Going off my opinions here).I'm a hardcore iced coffee drinker. I had two mediocre iced coffees this week from Scooter's and Dunkin' Donuts, so I decided to use Ree Drummond's Iced Coffee Concentrate method. It's delicious!I've seen Titanic over 200 times. Not recently, but it came out in 1997, when I'd just gotten my new TV. Plus, like every 12-13 year old girl, I was obsessed. Not with Leonardo DiCaprio, but just with the whole…

Pure Puppy Passion: Frisket Gets a Present (Affiliate Post)

Post Sponsored By Chewy

Frisket is a super playful puppy. He always has been. He loves all kinds of game, playing fetch, especially. He even likes playing with the cats if they'll let him.

They usually don't.

He's going to be thirteen next month, and while he's turning into quite the grumpy curmudgeon, he still loves cuddles, getting his belly rubbed, and playing fetch.

When we were camping a few weeks back, he actually fell out of the truck. Not sure if he jumped, and slipped, or if he actually fell out, but for awhile there, we actually thought he may have dislocated his arm. We gave him half of an ibuprofen, and aside from acting a little stoned, he seemed to have felt better.

He seems to be doing much better now, and when I got contacted by to try something new for my pets, I knew that I wanted to get something for Frisket. Old dog that he's becoming (but he'll always be my pupper), I wanted to get him something that would help him feel like a you…