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Friday Five: Things I'm Loving Friday

So, this is a new thing for me, but I'm really getting interested in sharing what I love with the world. Do I think that people pay attention to what I have to say? Not really, but no one ever really has. It's shocking when I'm not talking to hear myself (or writing to read myself).

Mike's Hard Lemonade in Blood Orange

Blood orange is a seasonal flavor, and it goes down so so SO smooth! I mean, it's hard lemonade. It's not like you're trying to knock back scotch, but I generally don't care for alcohol in general. This was so delicious. I'm looking forward to enjoying it on our patio, by our little pool this summer. It's been a nice post-work treat. Honestly, I think I only drink in the summer. 


When Calls The Heart

Oh, my heart. This show. It was a little slow to start, but it's definitely growing on me. It's been added to Netflix, and I really hope season 2 is available On Demand, because this is filling the period piece void in my life. I'm a huge fan of books and movies like this. Always have been. It's reminiscent of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Christy, and Anne of Green Gables (which, we already know I love).

It tells the story of an affluent teacher that moves to a coal mining town to teach, inadvertently gets on the bad side of the town constable (who was being a total asshat to her for no good reason), and how she wins over both him, and the rest of the town. I've always loved Jeanette Oke, ever since second grade when my teacher read us several of her children's books, and I've become a fan well into adulthood. Love!

Season 2 is on Saturdays on Hallmark Channel.

The Avengers, Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD

I was never really a Marvel nerd until the Marvel Cinematic Universe created this large, beautiful story, weaving the lives of several people together in order to save the world from those that want to hurt it. My favorite is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but they're all pretty damn amazing. I'm a massive Captain America nerd, and when Agent Carter came out and was renewed for a second season, I was incredibly thankful.We need more heroines like Peggy Carter on TV. And the world needs more gentlemen like Captain Steve Rogers. Dang it, he's adorable.

Agents of SHIELD is another show that was a little hard to get into at first, but it's addicting, especially when you watch it along with the MCU, and see the big picture of what they're trying to create. This last season was full of twists and turns that I wasn't ever expecting. Just absolutely insane.


Jamberry Butterfly Effect Wraps

We know I'm a Jamberry fiend consultant, but I've been having a hard time finding Jamicures that I love. Well, I decided to do all my nails with  Butterfly Effect, and I honestly really love how it looks. I've always thought Monarch Butterflies were beautiful. 

A bit overexposed, but still nice.
A few years ago, at the Omaha Zoo, there was a documentary called Flight of the Butterflies in 3D, and to date, it's the only documentary that's made me cry. And I've seen some doozies! My dream one day is to build a butterfly garden. If you awtch the documentary, you'll know why. I HIGHLY recommend it.



This cat. I tell you. I was concerned that she was going to be mad that I left her for three days last weekend. But she's been nothing but loving ever since I got back. We've got kind of a fun night time ritual going on this week. I hang out in my room, watching a couple episodes of When Calls the Heart, and she comes in, vying for my attention. She's not much of a snuggler, but she LOVES the laser pointer. She runs around after it until she's tired, then she comes to me and cuddles close. It's a new stage, and I'm thankful for it. Love my girl. <3

  • What are you loving this week?
  • Any products I should try?


  1. Your nails look beautiful! I love that effect. That's too cute about your cat, too. I love snuggling with my pug!

    1. Pets are the absolute best. I don't know what I'd do without mine. :-D

  2. Oh my gosh your kitty is so cute! Love the colors!

    1. Thank you! She's a Dilute Tortoiseshell. Love her. :-)


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