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Friday Five: Things I'm Loving Friday

So, this is a new thing for me, but I'm really getting interested in sharing what I love with the world. Do I think that people pay attention to what I have to say? Not really, but no one ever really has. It's shocking when I'm not talking to hear myself (or writing to read myself).

Mike's Hard Lemonade in Blood Orange Blood orange is a seasonal flavor, and it goes down so so SO smooth! I mean, it's hard lemonade. It's not like you're trying to knock back scotch, but I generally don't care for alcohol in general. This was so delicious. I'm looking forward to enjoying it on our patio, by our little pool this summer. It's been a nice post-work treat. Honestly, I think I only drink in the summer. 
When Calls The Heart Oh, my heart. This show. It was a little slow to start, but it's definitely growing on me. It's been added to Netflix, and I really hope season 2 is available On Demand, because this is filling the period piece void in my life…

3 Ways to Make Money Fast

Since my last post about giving up my money troubles to God, I've been doing a lot of thinking on how to save and earn more money. Sadly, it's on my mind a lot more than I think it should be, but this week a lot is coming due, so I'm getting really anxious.

Sell Old Movies or Music As a teenager or even young adult in college, the thought of selling movies or music was like giving away my children. I bought TONS of media from this place in Columbia, MO called Slackers, and my movie collection grew a lot. Not my music collection as much, because I'm particular about my tunes, but I bought a LOT of movies back in the day.
When I need money, I usually go through my vast array, and weed out the movies I don't really like, don't usually watch, or have more than one copy of (True story). It's not a huge money making scheme, but if you need a few extra dollars to put in your emergency fund, it's not a bad way to do it. $2-$3 can add up over time.  Give Plasma …

Blog Hop!

I rarely participate in Blog Hops, which is something I really want to remedy in 2015. I want to meet new people, read more blogs, and hopefully can encourage others to pull out of their shells to reach out into the Blogosphere.
Without Further Ado:
We are super happy on how our blog hop is growing and how many bloggers linked up last week. We are so thankful for you guys being part of it.
This week we have two new cohosts: Mommy Summers

Funning Up My Life
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Giving It Up To God: My Personal Debt Hell

Money is an ugly topic to those who don't have it, a rude topic for those who are working on fixing their money problems, or beautiful to those for whom it's not an issue. I'm currently in the first category.

I'm in a bad place with money right now. I took Financial Peace University with my sister at our church last year, and learned a lot about how I spend money. In fact, I switched a lot of my bills around so that I was able to have more per month to spend and save.

Spending, I'm great at. Saving, not so much. SmartyPig has made it easier, and I've saved for two cruises on this program, but that's kid stuff compared to what Dave Ramsey (and I) wants me to do.

Buckle up, kids. This is gonna be long, but hopefully informative.

My First Savings Account When I was eleven, I got my first job, which was a paper route around my neighborhood. I made about $70/month to start, but within two years, I was up to $80/month. When you're a pre-teen that's actual…

Ode to Gil: Remembering Jonathan Crombie

It's been two weeks, but the absence is still there. There's still a bit of a dark cloud when I think back on favorite books and movies of my adolescence.

Two weeks ago, actor Jonathan Crombie, best known for playing academic foil and love interest Gilbert Blythe in the Canadian Miniseries, Anne of Green Gables, and two of its sequels, passed away. He was 48 years young.
You might be asking me, "Becky, what is this? Celebrity deaths shouldn't have this kind of affect on you, unless they were SUPER famous!" and you'd be wrong to tell me that. Gilbert -- I mean Jonathan -- was special to many people in the world, because of the character he portrayed, and also the kind of person he was. 
Gilbert Blythe was the cocky, handsome popular guy who had his eye on Anne Shirley from the moment they met at a church picnic in the early chapters of the novel, and was one of the few characters in literature who learned his lesson on how to treat people early on. He flirted…