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April is The Month Of The Cat

Last month, I showed you how treated my dog with all natural treats and a rope toy that was bigger than he was (He's still totally obsessed, by the way. It's hilarious), and I decided this month, it would be all about the cats.

My mother would tell you that every month is all about the cats. The house rule is that "Nothing is more important than petting the kitties." Meaning, if they want attention, you give them attention, dammit. Henry and Tris have no trouble telling you they want to be snuggled. Jane is usually good to just hang out next to me, but I shouldn't actually touch her. She's never been super snuggly, but she does have her moments. 

When I was browsing through to see what to get the kitties, I actually chose two items. The first was a Furminator brush. 

We have an ionic brush that we mostly use on Frisket, but Tris hates it. I'm sure she thinks it mas her smell like him (The Horror!), so getting the cats their own brush was something I've been meaning to do for awhile. 

This brush has wire bristles on one side, which I don't really use. The other side has nylon bristles that get old fur out of their coats, and helps them stay clean. The cats LOVE to be brushed. Especially Jane, especially around her face. If you hold the brush, she'll push her face against it, doing it herself. It's kind of adorable. The brush is definitely working to get their winter coats out, and the bristles are soft enough to not feel like they're being stabbed. 

I also got some treats for them. Every morning, my dad gets up, gets ready for work, lets Frisket out, and gives the cats some treats (well, Tris and Henry. Jane's not really into treats). I got them Canidae Grain-Free PURE Taste with Fresh Chicken Cat Treats

They're used to little treats that my dad can spread out on the floor, and they can go to town, and these fit the bill. Plus, they're grain free, so if Jane did choose to indulge once in awhile, she can eat them without having a food allergy flare up (for whatever reason, grain-products cause her to break out). From what I gather, they really enjoyed these treats, which are also a crunchy treat that helps them clean their teeth (I don't want to go near my cats with a toothbrush, so this is a better option). 

I'm so thankful to have been given the opportunity to try out products for my babies. So far we're 2-2 on what the pets love.

Currently, is running a promotion of 20% off your order when you set up Auto Ship. Can you believe it? They offer Auto Ship! Automatic payment/delivery is amazing. Don't have to think about it much. We have our coffee order on Autoship, and it's been great, so I can only imagine how great it would be to get your pet supplies shipped to you every month. No more schlepping to the store to pick up the products you need (which my dad and I had to do last weekend, and got sidetracked by the kitties up for adoption. There's always a pep talk involved whenever we have to walk away. It's tragic). 

  • What treats do your pets like?
I was offered free products to try with my partnership with All opinions are my own. 


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