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Sponsored Post: "Thirteen Crossroads"

So, you might have noticed that I've got Sponsorship Opportunities available. When I decided to revamp The Modern Jane Austen, and give it purpose, I decided that I wanted to start promoting books and blogs via Passionfruit Ads. 

I'm proud to announce my first Ad of this kind on my blog. Please check it out. It sounds like a great story! I love epic fantasies! 

Khyrah is a small kingdom in the western mountains, so small that it should hardly be of note, but because of its importance in the history and culture of Western Eretsfel, Khyrah, along with its rulers and emblematic Crystal Palace, has for centuries been considered the symbolic leader of the other much larger kingdoms of the West. Its role in the future of Eretsfel becomes uncertain, however, as a young empire from the East begins to cast a shadow over the rest of the world. Adria, the princess and heir of Khyrah, is too young to see the coming storm for what it is and is more focused on a choice that she will soon have…

April is The Month Of The Cat

Last month, I showed you how treated my dog with all natural treats and a rope toy that was bigger than he was (He's still totally obsessed, by the way. It's hilarious), and I decided this month, it would be all about the cats.

My mother would tell you that every month is all about the cats. The house rule is that "Nothing is more important than petting the kitties." Meaning, if they want attention, you give them attention, dammit. Henry and Tris have no trouble telling you they want to be snuggled. Jane is usually good to just hang out next to me, but I shouldn't actually touch her. She's never been super snuggly, but she does have her moments. 
When I was browsing through to see what to get the kitties, I actually chose two items. The first was a Furminator brush. 

We have an ionic brush that we mostly use on Frisket, but Tris hates it. I'm sure she thinks it mas her smell like him (The Horror!), so getting the cats their own brush w…

Trying to Use Time To My Own Benefit

I've mentioned before how I have about an hour's drive in the car every day. Thirty minutes to work, and thirty minutes home. Sometimes longer depending on traffic, and traffic has been insane lately. I'm blaming the suddenly nice weather. People are getting really confident in their driving.

Scary, right?

Anyway, you might recall at the start of the year I wanted to read 26 books this year. That's nothing for people like my mom and my sister, who devour books with abandon. I tend to read blogs, magazine articles, and a lot of nonfiction, with some classic literature thrown in for good measure. My dad's kind of the same way.

Enter Audible
Sometime back in January, Chelsey talked about how she's taken to listening to books in her car on her way to and from work, or whenever she's running errands in town, via Audible. 
I tried to do this in college with Books on CD from my local library, but what I discovered was that unless I was driving long distances, I re…