Saturday, February 7, 2015

A New Adventure

Is everyone staying warm in all the blizzard? I am absolutely freezing, and am so ready for my next Cruise to the Caribbean in October! Warm weather and fruity drinks can't come fast enough! Thankfully, it's all starting to melt.

I am excited to announce, however, that I am now currently a Jamberry Nails Consultant. I've been considering this since my sister's party back in November. I was a bit hesitant on my original first Jamicure, because I don't think I did the best job (I was in a rush to meet my sister to get pedicures, irony of ironies).

A Thanksgiving Jamicure
You can kind of tell that my middle finger is kind of up over the cuticle.

Rumor has it that it takes three tries to get really good at applying Jams. My next Jamicure was much better. And extremely Wintery.

Winters Edge and Reindeer Games
I really liked the Reindeer Games (Ring Finger), which I'd taken as an accent nail from my mom. She filled her fingers with Rudolph, but wasn't sure she liked it. I honestly couldn't blame her. All those reindeer staring up, judging you...

My Jamicures have been lasting me about two weeks before I get tired and wants a change. I've haven't really left my nails bare since I got interested in them. I like having pretty nails.

Icy Boysenberry Polka Dot, Navy Quatrefoil, Sheet Music, Bird on Fire
This was my Christmas Day Jamicure, and it lasted me until New Year's. It could've lasted longer, but I got bored. There are that many designs, and they're all really fun.

I got my cousin the Bird on Fire jams for Christmas, because she loves Phoenixes. I invited her and her mom, and our aunt and cousin over for an application instruction party, which was fun, and we all got to ooh and ah over what everyone else had.

I'm currently in the middle of my launch party, where I'm throwing everyone's name who orders into a hat for a special prize! To check out Jamberry's offerings, including styles that won't be coming back (Like Navy Quatrefoil and Icy Boysenberry Polka Dot, shown above), check out my website, You can also hit the button up top that says Jamberry. If you're interested in checking out my Online Party, go here.

I'm really excited about my launch party. I'm getting to know other consultants who are extremely passionate, and their excitement is contagious. If you're interested in hosting a party, I can do either live (local) parties in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area, or online parties, which are even cooler, because I can do a party for anyone anywhere online, via Facebook.

Welcome to my journey!

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