Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hanging with my Best Gal

This past weekend, we celebrated Christmas with our extended family, since my darling cousin, Laura, was leaving the day after Christmas for Disney World with her high school band. They're going to perform on New Year's Day at the parade. So exciting, and I wish I could be there to see them (though, seriously, I don't need an excuse to go to Disney World).

They came in on Friday night, and introduced us to their new puppy, a spotted dachsund named S'mores. She was adorable and loved giving kisses.

Photo by Laura
Saturday afternoon, we went to a local Game Board Cafe called Spielbound with my mom, her mom, and our aunt Janet and her kids. We played a game that none of us had ever played before: Mousetrap.

Surprised? Yeah. We were all surprised that none of us had ever played it, too. But it was fun.

After playing games, Laura and I went to ConAgra Ice Skating Rink, a temporary rink down by the Old Market at 10th and Harney, where all the proceeds (I believe) go to the Omaha Food Bank. For just $5, we got in and got skates, and we skated around the busy rink for about an hour and a half (It was cold and crowded!).

An Artsy Pic of the lights
I haven't been ice skating since college, when I took Lauren for her birthday. That wasn't a smart idea, because she fell and hit her head. No harm done, but it certainly wasn't fun.

Laura and I, waiting for the ice to get buffed
 Laura hadn't been skating in a long time, either. We both hung onto the wall for the better part of the first hour we were there. Problem was, so was everyone else. We had a hard time getting started, until we could stay up on our own.

You can see the shaved ice, before they Zamboni'd it.
It was very slick (which, ice. Duh). But there was also a lot of shaved ice, which showed it probably hadn't been gone over with the Zamboni in awhile. We'd been skating for about an hour before they called us off, and went over it once to sweet the snow off, and then another time to polish it.

It was a beautiful evening, though cold, and I've never ice skated outside before, which made it seem almost magical, and definitely Christmasy.

Kiri, Lisa, Matt
Kiri was there, but didn't skate. We met our friends, Matt and Lisa (Of Evengard Improv, a local Improvisational Troupe) there, too. We rarely see them, so anytime we get to spend time with them is a treat.

Afterward, Laura, Kiri, and I went home and had soup, before we watched the finale of The Amazing Race with my parents. I'd never seen it before this season, and only watched it because I'm a fan of Bethany Hamilton. While we were a little sad that Bethany and her husband, Adam didn't win, but it was an exciting season, nonetheless.

I'm sorry that I didn't get to spend more time with Laura. We've always been, ever since she was about eight months old. She's like a little sister that I never got (Her brother is also like my little brother.), and I can't imagine my life without her.

Save travels, Love! I'm glad we got to spend part of Christmas together!


  1. I have yet to go ice skating this year, but I plan to this weekend! Chicago recently got a new rink that winds around like a track, only in more curves. I'm pretty excited.

    1. Ooh! That sounds like fun! Omaha has about three or four rinks, not counting ConAgra, because it's a temporary one, but the one in Chicago sounds nice.