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I've Completed Phase 1 of LiveFit!

And the last week was a pain to get through!

I don't know what it was this week. Was it the election taking up time? My work schedule? Worship team rehearsal? Pure and utter laziness? Whatever it was, I went into week 4 psyched to finish phase one strong, but by day 2 (Monday), after a morning full of errands (Chiropractor, Web Design Consultation, Eye doctor), by the afternoon, I just wanted to crash.

That feeling of wanting to crash carried over to Tuesday. After work, I went to my local polling place, cast my midterm election vote, and went home to eat soup and catch up on episodes of Forever with my dad.

I was a total lazybones this week. I did make it to the gym on Wednesday, and finished strong, Thursday, I had worship team right after work, so I took a lunchtime walk instead of going to the gym. It was nice to get out of the office, and clear my head (with the help of The Little Mermaid: The Original Broadway Cast). I think that's going to have to be a regular thing now.

Having skipped two workouts, that meant on Saturday, I had to complete two of the workouts, Chest/Triceps and Shoulders/Abs. Long day, but Saturday was a good day to do it. I had nothing else going that day. It took me nearly two hours to finish in the gym. That's a long time, and I've got noodle arms now, but I finished, and that's the important thing.

I was also feeling a bit discouraged this week, because I weighed myself, and gained. Figuring it was muscle, I tried to take my measurements, but I was also bloated. Talk about a bad combination. Usually, this would be where I would stop and say, "What's the point?" but then I realized something else. I could climb the stairs at work without being extremely winded once I got to the top. I was sleeping really well. I was still tired when I woke up, but my sleep was extremely deep, and starting later in the week, I started getting up with my first alarm. That NEVER happens!

I did weigh myself before finishing my last workout, and I lost another pound. Down three pounds in a month. Not fantastic, but I'm going for long term results. And the pros are outweighing the cons on everything right now. I feel great!

I'm part of two different body groups to discuss LiveFit, one on Facebook, and one on The one on Facebook was having a discussion about gaining during phase one, and someone suggested that your body might be hanging onto water to help repair your muscles, but once you bring cardio back, it'll all release (fun!). I'm optimistic about that, but also still trying to eat as clean as possible.

Speaking of clean eating, I started adding kale to my morning protein shake, which was a good addition. Couldn't taste it, and an easy veggie. Friday, I decided to add kale AND spinach. Extra thick, but still tasty. My favorite combination this week has been almond milk, vanilla whey, PB2, Special Dark cocoa powder, kale and spinach. I also had to add some water to get it all moving. Still pretty thick, but the vitamins in it are making it worth it.

I'm still loving Jamie's Pumpkin Protein Bars. They freeze and thaw extremely well. I grab four, throw them into a sandwich bag, and let them thaw on my desk while I work, and add a little natural peanut butter. Delicious. I've also reheated them for breakfast, and they're equally amazing. I think making these bars are going to be second nature to me soon. I did decide to make some chocolate ones to shake things up. They smell amazing.

I'm still hopeful that finishing LiveFit will help me with my confidence. I've never been an overly confident person (except when singing on stage), and I have the self-esteem of an awkward teenager. No matter how often people tell me I'm awesome, I still don't believe it. My friend, Sara, keeps telling me how gorgeous I am, and as much as I love and appreciate it, I can't accept it. When I was a kid, I was bullied about my looks. I was told I was fat, ugly, stupid, etc. Kids are real jerks. Ironically, I'm lukewarm friends with these people now. Maybe I rock forgiveness? But it still stings. I'm still working on getting past it, and getting over it. It's easier said than done. Jealousy keeps creeping in, and I want the self-confidence of everyone else.

My sister has the most self-confidence of anyone I've ever met. She's never met a stranger, and is always quick to reassure people when they're feeling less than stellar. She has to do it for me a LOT. And I love her for it, too. She's doing so amazing on LiveFit and her Vi Challenge. I'm extremely proud of her accomplishments, and hope she keeps going. On Saturday, we took her measurements, and she's down about an inch on all sides! I even commented yesterday that her boobs are looking perkier (I can say stuff like that to her). Hooray, Chest Exercises!

I actually started Phase 2 yesterday, and decided that the elliptical is of the Devil. I think I'll just stick to the treadmill for my cardio. I did watch Gilmore Girls on my phone, though, which helped make the time go faster.

I'm going to rock Phase 2, like I rocked Phase 1. So excited to go on!


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