Sunday, October 5, 2014

An Adventure at the (Upstairs) Circus

One thing Lauren really wanted to do while I was in town was visit Upstairs Circus in downtown Denver, which is a bar, where you can also make different crafts. Or, it's a craft store where you can drink. It was firstly a crafting establishment for me, because I didn't get any alcohol, but I did get a Garden Lemonade, which was delicious. Nice and refreshing for the warm afternoon.

Lemonade with Basil
At Upstairs Circus, they have a menu of things you can create. Since we went at Happy Hour, crafts were $25 (there were a few that were more expensive, based on materials), and they provided all the supplies to create.

Lauren opted for a Colorado Flag baseball cap (she doesn't have a hat problem. She swears!), which ended up pretty cute.

Super Cute Lauren!
I opted for a necklace made out of strips of fabric that I wove into a Celtic knot, followed by fishtail braids on either side. Sadly, it was trickier than I thought it would be, but there were attendants to answer any questions, and make sure you get it right. Once I got the knot figured out, the braid was a cinch. Then I taped the ends, and glued two metal caps on the ends, before getting to work with metal tools to connects the whole thing.

My necklace on top of the instructions
It was fun once I understood what I was doing. While there, I was going through a little phone emergency, so after I finished, I called my mom on Lauren's phone. While we were chatting, I told her that I'd have to bring her sometime, if I were to move to Colorado (which, is sounding like a better idea every time I visit!). I think she and my sister would really enjoy it.

They also had unisex-type crafts, so anyone could really make something, and enjoy themselves. Here's a list of their crafts. I kind of want to go back, and make the Hex Nut Bracelet. It looks pretty cute.

And a couple more pictures of their fun establishment.

Note the umbrella ceiling art

It was a long room, and felt a little small,
but it wasn't busy

Plus a full bar!
Upstairs Circus is great for birthdays (there was a birthday group behind our table), and Lauren and I even thought a Bachelorette Party would be awesome, complete with some doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnuts (which will have their own post tomorrow!). I would highly recommend them to anyone. It was a lot of fun!

After finishing up at Upstairs Circus, we headed over to the Cherry Creek Shopping Center to meet up my old friend and roommate, Kristen, for tea. We talked for about three hours (and closed down Starbucks!).

Fun seeing her again!
Kristen was a fount of information regarding the theatre in Denver, including several new play/playwright festivals in the area. I'm going to have to try my hand at playwriting again. I do miss it. She also had an Audition on Saturday. Hope she got it!

Believe it or not, this, plus the Tea Party were on the same day! Still more to come on my Totally Awesome Denver Trip!

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