Monday, September 1, 2014

He did it!

The story of how my cousin Jake and I came to be friends is one he probably doesn't remember, because he was so little at the time. He's nine years younger than me, and the first time I held him, I was pretty taken with him. Teeny little bundle as all babies are. However, since he lived in Missouri, and I lived in Iowa, we didn't get to see each other much. For about the first two years, he didn't seem to like strangers very well (Honestly, I'm the same way).

Our first meeting, just days old
One trip that we made to KC, Jake was about three years old, we spent a lot of time running around town, and he and I were stuck in the back seat, and he was actually chattering around a bit. I decided to entertain him, because I'm sure he was as sick of errands as I was by that time. I was about eleven or twelve at the time, I believe. I started doing Looney Toons impressions, and I just made him crack up so hard. The rest of the trip, I taught him how to do them, himself, and he was hilarious.

When they came up for Christmas, he practically ran to the door, and immediately to me. It was the first time that a little kid had ever really paid me any attention, and I relished it. I loved talking to this little guy who was so starry-eyed and full of wonder and fun. When his little sister, Laura, was born the next year, I had two little friends that I adored.

After my college graduation
May, 2009
It was easier to see them both once I got to college, and lived closer. I went up to see them for weekends, and made it a point to attend most of Jake's school plays (I think I only missed two that he was in between sixth grade and twelth grade), and he continued to crack me up by his shenanigans (trying on my funniest-looking shoes, trying to beat me at a few Muppet video games, and playing constant jokes on each other).

While visiting his family, I gradually started to get to know this smart, funny, shy girl that Jake had been friends with for years. The first time I met Katrina, was at Jake's Gold Medal Ceremony for Royal Rangers at his church, and she, much like me, doesn't really talk to people she doesn't know (at least she did that day).

This intelligent girl won my dear cousin's heart, and after he finished his basic training for the United States Air Force, he proposed to her in front of penguins (her favorite animal) with a heart-shaped diamond ring, and she tearily accepted.

He was sent north, and they planned a June wedding, but the wait was too much for the young lovers, and she decided to switch to a college local to him. Their wedding was last night, and it was a gorgeous day. It was hot, but there was a decent amount of shade, and not a cloud in the sky. The day wasn't perfect, but life isn't perfect, and I believe they took it in stride, and enjoyed the love that their joining families bestowed on them.

Me and the Groom
August 31, 2014
I'm still single, and searching for my "Mr. Darcy," as it were, so whenever I go to a wedding and am requested to give the young couple marital advice, I quote Ephesians 4:32, which is just good advice for everyone, no matter what.

Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other,
 just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.

I've been praying for this day for weeks now, praying that God would bless the day, the ceremonies, the families that are coming together, and most of all, bless Jake and Katrina, as they make their lives together. 

If either of you is reading this (if either of you actually reads my blog, lol), I love you both so, so much. May you both live Happily Ever After. 

Mr. and Mrs.

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