Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kansas City Renaissance Faire Opening Day 2014

This weekend was the first day of the Kansas City Renaissance Faire. Usually, I'd have stayed home, since I live nowhere near KC, but this weekend is a big weekend for a special member of my family.

My little cousin, Jake, now an Airman in the United States Air Force, is getting married!

May 2010
Seems like just yesterday that I was teaching him the different catch phrases of different Looney Toons characters. *sigh* Love him so much.

But more on that later. Today, there was a TON of Ren Faire shenanigans going on, including a video of the parade, so let's get cracking.

Friends of ours were performing several shows throughout the day, so we got to see them, which was awesome. They're a married couple, who perform silly improvisations in the group Evengard.

Story the Fairy and Matthew the Northern Poet
 In real life, they're Matt and Lisa, and they're some of the kindest people in the entire world. Kiri and I didn't have much water (just the small Aquafina bottles that we bought with lunch), but it was really hot, so the water didn't go far. Matt and Lisa offered to share their water with us, and it was lifesaving.  Thanks again, guys!

Their shows are adorable, so please check them out on Facebook and YouTube.

Matt and Kiri have a funny story about how they met, involving Ren Faires and a Coconut Bra. They met up again later, at a singles Bible study in Omaha, and massive blushing ensued once they realized how they knew each other.

Longtime Best Friends
Matthew and Kiri

The nice thing about this faire is how shady it is. There are a lot of trees, as well as a lot of hills and valleys, which makes it a bit cooler than just a straight up field (I've been in some with NO shade, and it wasn't as fun.

Up in the back hills, there were some mermaids. They were lovely.

There were also murals everywhere in the mermaid area, and a contest to pick the best one.

I voted for this one.
I got two viewings of the parade. The second one was better, because no one stopped to stand in front of me, so I got to see more.

If you're in the area and interested in checking out the Faire, it runs every weekend between now and the end of October.

It was really hot, and by the time we were ready to call it a day, we got picked up and made it to our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, took naps, went to On the Border for dinner. I got the fish tacos, and they were lovely and fresh and really filling.

Dos XX Fish Tacos with Black Beans
After dinner, there was swimming, and sleeping. Thank God. Today is Jake's wedding, so we've mostly been relaxing. I really hope I can get a picture with Jake, but if not, oh well. There's always my other lovely, Laura, who is a bridesmaid.

Me, Jake, Remy, Laura
Disney Dream 2011
How's your weekend?

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