Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Sister's Day

I'm a sister. I have an older sister who, when we were children, was the biggest pain in the butt known to man. Every time we played, she got her way. I had to play Prince Charming to her Sleeping Beauty numerous times. Pink couldn't be my favorite color, because it was hers. She gave me purple.

Christmas, 1992
Not that I couldn't be adorably annoying, myself. There was many a time I would sneak into her room, play with her toys, steal her books, steal her clothes. I'm the baby sister. It's what I do.

When we got to college, things started to change in our relationship, but for the better. We would send each other stuff all the time, and while we didn't text constantly, I think we tried to be in constant contact. We were going from being extremely annoyed with each other to missing each other.

Once, she and her Renaissance Faire Troupe, the Ladies of the Salty Kiss, came to my town for a Ren Faire, and they stayed at my townhouse. While we were all hanging out in the pool, she and I were chatting, catching up, and we noticed that her friends had suddenly gotten very quiet. We turned our heads, they were watching us. Apparently, they'd never seen sisters interact like us before.

Halloween 2011
I never thought our relationship was that different from other sisters, but apparently it is. Apparently, our friendship is strange and different and magical. People frequently watch us interact, like you'd watch a movie. We have secret conversations in our heads, almost.

We need to learn the Sister Song from "White Christmas."
We're both massive nerds, each loving different things, but one thing we agreed on was what a hottie Aladdin was.

Disney Dream 2011
My sister is the closest friend I will ever have. She's known me the longest, she knows me better than anyone, and she will tell me when she's actively judging my decisions. Our relationship is messy and argumentative, but silly and fully of unconditional love. We're convinced that the early part of Frozen, when Anna and Elsa were children, was based on our childhood. If our parents had, for whatever reason, felt the need to keep us separated, the rest of the movie would've been about our relationship back to each other.

So, to my best friend and big sister, who is most likely bawling up a storm while reading this, Happy Sister's Day to you. You're awesome, and I don't tell you that enough. *huggles*

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