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Kansas City Renaissance Faire Opening Day 2014

This weekend was the first day of the Kansas City Renaissance Faire. Usually, I'd have stayed home, since I live nowhere near KC, but this weekend is a big weekend for a special member of my family.

My little cousin, Jake, now an Airman in the United States Air Force, is getting married!

Seems like just yesterday that I was teaching him the different catch phrases of different Looney Toons characters. *sigh* Love him so much.
But more on that later. Today, there was a TON of Ren Faire shenanigans going on, including a video of the parade, so let's get cracking.

Friends of ours were performing several shows throughout the day, so we got to see them, which was awesome. They're a married couple, who perform silly improvisations in the group Evengard.

 In real life, they're Matt and Lisa, and they're some of the kindest people in the entire world. Kiri and I didn't have much water (just the small Aquafina bottles that we bought with lunch), but it was really hot, s…

Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour: Featuring CC Solomon

Hello, Everyone! I've got another blog tour for you, this time, featuring an excerpt from CC Solomon's The Mission.


  Chapter Twenty Rule #19: You’ve got to give a little to get a little. Be giving of yourself, and it will make a lasting impression to keep your Mr. Right. Some people were natural givers, and others were natural takers. I didn’t think that was the case with Terrance and me, but ever since our argument where we’d both divulged more than we’d planned, we had been pretty tight-lipped. It wasn’t that I didn’t care, it’s just that I didn’t see the point in bringing up memories of his dead father, or discussing his alcoholic mother. It would just be too painful for him, and I had no advice to give. So my best role was to be a place he could escape all that. I assumed he felt the same because he hadn’t bothered me about how I was doing with my father, or trying to build a relationship with my stepmother. Maybe that wasn’t the right way to go, but I just wanted the …

Weekly Workout Challenge: Run Like the Wind

Trying to get back into a bit of a routine, now that the move is, more or less, finished, I went for a run on Saturday. I use the term extremely loosely, because I'm not a "Runner" Runner, I'm a Wannabe Runner.

Earlier this year, I was doing pretty well with C210k, even going the furthest I'd ever gotten before, which was about four weeks in, which required you to run for five minutes. I was using the 10k Trainer by Zen Labs, found here and here. I've gotten used to the program, its little nuances, and how to work it without it frustrating me to no end.

When I finished my run yesterday (in pretty good spirits, actually), I immediately went to go stretch my legs out, because when I didn't, I was sore and had a hard time running again. I also got a hydromassage, since I have a Planet Fitness Black Card (Best membership EVER!). Tomorrow, if I can dig out my UV goggles, I might do the Total Body Enhancement to shake my muscles out (Red light therapy, coupled…

Be Fearless

When I was in college, I hated writing short stories and sharing them with my class. My stories tend to be sweet, funny, and romantic, while the majority of my class insisted on stories with a darker, edgier tone. I apparently didn't write about "real" life, and chick lit/rom coms do more harm than good.

Author, Jennifer Weiner was interviewed about waging a war on literary snobbery, and I am behind her 100%. If the arts can't help us to escape as well as learn, then what is the point? I'm a Forget your Troubles, Come on-Get Happy kind of girl, and there is no changing that. I like happy endings and Disney Princesses.

Frankly, my quirkiness is all for the best, because I don't think my best friend and I would be close if I wasn't all about the glitter and princesses. We bonded over writing stories that were looked on with disdain from several classmates.
That being said, I made a decision to write a cosy mystery series from the perspective of one, Betsy Ba…

Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour: Featuring Jennifer Collin

Hi, everyone! I'm back today with another Blog Tour stop, today, featuring Jennifer Collin and a review of her book, Open My Eyes.

I had a hard time getting into this book because it was a sequel, and I haven't read the book leading up to this one. There wasn't a whole lot of backstory to who the characters were, in order to catch new readers (and old readers) up. I would've loved to have had a bit of context about the night that Emily and Ben thought was so passionate during their introductions. There were also a lot of characters without many distinguishing features, which made it a bit hard to follow.

That being said, I thought Annie was a hoot and a half, I thought she was just awesome and hilarious, and just the sort of best friend any girl would want to have. Her chemistry with Andy was a lot of fun, and I hope for all the best for them.

I definitely think I would've enjoyed this book a LOT more if I'd known it was a sequel, and taken the opportunity to r…

Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour: Featuring Aven Ellis

Hi, Readers! Today, I'd like to introduce you to an author, by way of Chick Lit Plus. Her name is Aven Ellis, and I got the opportunity to read her book, Waiting For Prince Harry.

 Check it out!

Dallas native Kylie Reed is a perpetually single designer, who wishes to branch out and sell her own vintage apron collection on Etsy and marry Prince Harry. It's actually similar to a dream I have. ;-)
At her brother's wedding, with friends and relatives demanding to know when she'll be walking down the aisle, she takes a brief reprieve in the hotel bar, where she literally falls into the lap of Boston native, Harrison Flynn, a ginger-haired professional hockey player. Kylie and Harrison's romance has the ups and downs that all couples face when getting to know each other, but add to that Harrison's celebrity, as the captain of the Dallas Demons Hockey Team, Kylie is in way over her head.

The story started out well enough, and I think the characters were all believable…

Photos from Moving Weekend

Moving is seriously annoying. It's so many trips to and from the old house to the new house, lugging heavy boxes up and down stairs (Stairmaster has got NOTHING on moving). We're hoping to get everything cleaned out of the hold house by this coming weekend, but we're not situated in the new house, and getting quite comfortable.

Here's where we've been since this last Thursday.

I was dreading the move so much all of last week. So much so, that I battled headaches and heartburn at work, as well as bouts of sleepwalking, which always happens when I'm stressed. On Thursday night, I did cry when I went to sleep, but when I woke up on Friday morning, I got my last few things loaded into my car, wished my parents well with the moving men (Who turned out to be fantastic and fast!), and swung through Burger King before going to work.

That whole day was the best day of my week. I was calm, I was in good spirits, and after work, made it back to the "New" house (…

Moving with an anxious cat

So, I haven't really kept it a secret, but we are in the process of moving out of the house that I've known pretty much my entire life. I like to think I'm taking it in stride, after all I get the bigger room, I recently painted it purple, and soon we will have downsized a great deal. It's going to be a massively stressful week for everyone involved. 
Henry, Tris, and Frisket are all troopers. Far as I can tell this doesn't seem to be fazing them. Jane, on the other hand, has been going through issues since last year. Issues that we can't seen to get through. I first started noticing little lesions around her neck. I thought that Henry might be playing too rough with her, so I started to keep an eye on them. Her lesions turned to full-on scabs, and after a visit to our vet, we walked away with steroids and antibiotics. It seemed to work, we had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. About a month and a half later, though, we brought out the suitcases for our …

Happy Sister's Day

I'm a sister. I have an older sister who, when we were children, was the biggest pain in the butt known to man. Every time we played, she got her way. I had to play Prince Charming to her Sleeping Beauty numerous times. Pink couldn't be my favorite color, because it was hers. She gave me purple.

Not that I couldn't be adorably annoying, myself. There was many a time I would sneak into her room, play with her toys, steal her books, steal her clothes. I'm the baby sister. It's what I do.

When we got to college, things started to change in our relationship, but for the better. We would send each other stuff all the time, and while we didn't text constantly, I think we tried to be in constant contact. We were going from being extremely annoyed with each other to missing each other.

Once, she and her Renaissance Faire Troupe, the Ladies of the Salty Kiss, came to my town for a Ren Faire, and they stayed at my townhouse. While we were all hanging out in the pool, she…