Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekly Workout Challenge

I'm terrible at making plans or sticking to plans in regards to working out. The first "plan" I tried to do, back in 2010, when I was living in a terrible situation, and opted to take control of my weight, that was the only time I really went deep into a plan. I lost 20 lbs in less than a month (cutting out all processed foods, and doing a combination of weight training and cardio, even when I didn't want to), and felt great. I stopped when I moved back to Iowa, two months later, but with waitressing, I kept the weight off, and got to my lowest weight of my adult life. It was amazing.

At my lowest weight, with my best friend.
I've been trying to get back to that place ever since. Switching to a desk job, sparatic workouts, and an intense love of sausage croissanwiches has made me what I am today.

I think I look to much to the big picture. I know what weight I'd like to be at, to be healthy, and I step on the scale to see how I can get there, only to be really discouraged. Last week, I decided to focus on smaller goals (another thing I focused on back in the Dark Days before I moved back). RIght now, I'm looking to lose 25 lbs. After that, another 20, and so on. 20 is a doable chunk.

That being said, I've been tracking all of my food on My Fitness Pal today, went to the gym to do 30 minutes of lifting, followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical. It's intense, but honestly, it's a good combination that does the best job. If I continue to try to eat as few processed foods as possible, then it'll come off again.

What I need to do is to stop being so paranoid about it. It's just a number, and if I want to be healthy, I CAN be healthy. Simple as that. Even if I'm not as consistent in my blog posts about it, I really hope to be able to stick with it.

That's my motivation for the week: Stick with it.

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