Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly Workout Challenge: Cousin Chronicles

So, I didn't post a work out post last week. Working out wasn't really a priority for me. I was exhausted (missed an ENTIRE night of sleep due to a caffeine overdose. Can't drink soda like I used to!), and it just wasn't a good week.

My mom was also down in KC with her sisters for their annual sewing weekend, so my dad and I lived like Frat boys, er, what I prefer to think Frat Boys do: Watch movies, eat junk food, drink hard lemonade (er, beer! I mean beer!). When mom came back, she brought my darling mini-me, Laura, with her, and Laura wanted to go to the gym with me. Motivation, there you are!

Laura wanted to do some lifting, so I decided to take her through the first day of my favorite trainer: LiveFit (Maybe, I can actually finish one day).

We started off by spending 15 minutes on the Planet Fitness Gliders (which I rarely use, and my legs are jell-o today!), before going into the little room off the regular room to do push ups and lifts. Afterward, we did five minutes on the stair stepper. No joke!

Today, we were both complaining about slightly sore muscles (but not as sore as the last time I tried LiveFit!).

After lunch today, we took a break to let it digest before hitting the gym at four (and it was DEAD!), before doing 20 minutes of a warm up on the treadmill with varying inclines and speeds (and I finally finished the episode of Private Practice I was watching on Netflix, thank you gym wi-fi!). Afterward, we did LiveFit day 2, Back and Biceps, sharing machines and dumbbells, making sure we got our breaks. It was good, but I'm definitely going to be sore tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we're meeting our aunt at the zoo, which will be awesome, and afterward, legs. We'll Finish LiveFit week 1 on Wednesday, when neither of us has plans. Thursday, my mom has cruise directed most of us out to Mahoney State Park to go swimming and water sliding. I'll be taking a half day, and making up for it on Saturday (Lord, help me!).

There you have it. The tale of how my teenage cousin's enthusiasm for wanting to go to the gym prompted me to try to finish LiveFit again. She said she's enjoying it, so maybe she'll keep it up when she gets home, too.

  • What are you working on?
  • How do you find motivation to keep working out?

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