Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly Workout Challenge

In honor of the new domain, new look, and more professional feeling of my blog, I've moved on to a new plan of action. I've got scheduled weekly posts planned, and I hope to have this blog be less of a journal, and more of a picture of goals and how-to's.

For our first post in this new era, I'd like to introduce you to the Weekly Workout Challenge!

I've been following the blog, Incredible Shrinking Jeans for awhile now. It's a fitness community dedicated to losing weight in a slow, healthy manner. I'm currently involved in their challenge on, to lose 10% of my weight in six months. I didn't get the first month (lose 3%), but I'm dedicated to the second month.

Today, I'm starting their 6-week Online Boot Camp, which combines HIIT training and light strength exercising three days a week. It's doable, and the HIIT I was doing last week was awesome, so I'm pretty psyched to start.

Next week, I'll share how it went. I work out at Planet Fitness, which is a great place for me. It's got a lot of equipment, friendly staff, and when I'm done working out I can get an aqua massage. Win!

  • What kind of working out do you like to do? 
  • Where do you work out?

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