Friday, June 20, 2014

Fun Facts Friday!

How was everyone's week? I can't believe Friday is finally here. I'm pretty jazzed about it, so let's begin with some fun facts for the week.

1. My dad bought us a Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron this week, and it arrived on Wednesday. Last night, I made Breakfast for Dinner, and we were greeted by our favorite Disney Mascot.

They tasted more like pancakes, and less like waffles, but it was all good. I'm going to enjoy using that thing. Next time, I might try a Belgian Waffle recipe to make it fluffier, with a crunchier crust.

2. Last night, my mom and I stopped by the Main Street Farmer's Market to check it out. She's finally done with a class she was taking, and we decided to celebrate by supporting our local farmers. It was fun, and we got a lot of great stuff, including garlic scapes, fingerling potatoes, sugar snap peas, rainbow chard, beats, and spinach.

3. Also yesterday, I had a meeting with my mentor at work about where I'd like to see myself next year. Having been there for three and a half years, and never really thinking much about that, but I've decided by next year, barring any huge changes in my life, I'd like to be a Senior Analyst with an emphasis in technical writing on different programs. In my 3-5 year plan, I'd like to work my way out of Analysis, and doing full time technical writing for new programming. My mentor actually believes in me, which is a good feeling. Actually, it's a great feeling.

4. Speaking of work, I had to go in on Monday for a meeting, so rather than make an additional trip out to West O this week, I worked Monday instead. Meaning, four day weekend this weekend! I've got a baseball game on the agenda tonight (my first of the season!), and plans to watch a RomCom with Lauren for a new Riffs From the Dork Side post tomorrow evening.

5. For Father's Day this week, I had plans of making my dad the Pioneer Woman's Molten Lava cakes. It didn't happen on Sunday, because I was wiped out for some reason. So, after I got off work on Monday, I came home and made them. They were super rich, and unfortunately, mine didn't slip out of the ramekins like they should've, so we just ate them in the ramekins. Still tasty. :-)

6. I'm all about Grey's Anatomy this week (and the last couple). I'm finally on season 8, and loving it. The end of season 6, with the shooter had me on the edge of my seat. Netflix is a dangerous thing. Do you know how long it's been since I've been to the gym? Awhile. Whoops. That changes today.

7. I said this a few months ago, but this time, I mean it. There will be some changes coming to the blog. For starters, I'm hoping to purchase my own domain next week, and when that happens, I'll be sure to let you know, via my Facebook page and Twitter. Suffice it to say, I'm pretty excited about it, though!

That's all there is this week, folks! Thanks for tuning in! Have a great weekend!

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