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Weekly Workout Challenge

In honor of the new domain, new look, and more professional feeling of my blog, I've moved on to a new plan of action. I've got scheduled weekly posts planned, and I hope to have this blog be less of a journal, and more of a picture of goals and how-to's.

For our first post in this new era, I'd like to introduce you to the Weekly Workout Challenge!

I've been following the blog, Incredible Shrinking Jeans for awhile now. It's a fitness community dedicated to losing weight in a slow, healthy manner. I'm currently involved in their challenge on, to lose 10% of my weight in six months. I didn't get the first month (lose 3%), but I'm dedicated to the second month.

Today, I'm starting their 6-week Online Boot Camp, which combines HIIT training and light strength exercising three days a week. It's doable, and the HIIT I was doing last week was awesome, so I'm pretty psyched to start.

Next week, I'll share how it went. I work out…

Houston, We Have a Domain!

Oh, my gosh, guys! I am so excited! If you've been following me on Facebook, you'll notice that I've been having some trouble getting my domain to work. I was getting really frustrated, because I'm a basic computer user (though I'd love to learn some coding and create a gorgeous template for my blog). I was talking to one of the customer service people at, and almost as soon as she checked it (I checked it RIGHT before I started talking to her), it popped up. I am so excited that it's finally here, and that I can move forward in my blogging goals.

The site's changed quite a bit this week, up above, we've got some new tabs, that I welcome you to check out. I've started organizing some of my thoughts so that if there's a particular post that you remember, check there first! I've still got a bit of sorting, but it's slowly coming together, and I couldn't be more excited.

Now, if only I could finish my book (that I've rec…

Fun Facts Friday!

How was everyone's week? I can't believe Friday is finally here. I'm pretty jazzed about it, so let's begin with some fun facts for the week.

1. My dad bought us a Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron this week, and it arrived on Wednesday. Last night, I made Breakfast for Dinner, and we were greeted by our favorite Disney Mascot.

They tasted more like pancakes, and less like waffles, but it was all good. I'm going to enjoy using that thing. Next time, I might try a Belgian Waffle recipe to make it fluffier, with a crunchier crust.

2. Last night, my mom and I stopped by the Main Street Farmer's Market to check it out. She's finally done with a class she was taking, and we decided to celebrate by supporting our local farmers. It was fun, and we got a lot of great stuff, including garlic scapes, fingerling potatoes, sugar snap peas, rainbow chard, beats, and spinach.

3. Also yesterday, I had a meeting with my mentor at work about where I'd like to see myself next yea…

I'm a Daddy's Girl

It's that time of year again. The day when we get to celebrate how awesome dads are.

Mine is especially awesome. When I was a kid, he introduced me to old movies, great old music, and old theaters. He taught me to appreciate organ music, and silent movies, and if it weren't for him, I never would have discovered Gene Kelly and Singing in the Rain or Carol Channing and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

I'm a total daddy's girl, and love him (and my mom) more than anything. I was truly blessed with parents who are supportive, yet realistic.

Happy Father's Day to an amazing man that I'm incredibly blessed to know and be genetically tied to. And also to my amazing grandfathers, who taught my parents almost everything they know.

And Happy Father's Day to all amazing dads out there!

Saturday Snippets

I'm trying something new today. I was planning to do another Fun Facts Friday post, but on Thursday, I was incapacitated enough to be unable to do it, so I'm changing its name and moving it to another day.

1. Speaking of being incapacitated, not sure how or why, but while lying in bed on Wednesday night, I was just reading, minding my own business, when everything started spinning. It was trippy, and kind of cool for a few minutes (almost like a cheap high), but then I walked to the bathroom, and nearly ran into the wall. It lasted almost all day yesterday. My dad took my blood pressure, my mom took my pulse. I think we decided it was dehydration and a bit of vertigo. With Meclazine and Gatorade, I was well enough to go to my cousin-in-law's bridal shower last night.
2. My cousin's bridal shower was at this restaurant out in Millard (a suburb of Omaha), Millard Road House. I got to try Fried Green Tomatoes for the first time, and enjoyed their Bourbon Burger, served on…

Movie Weekend!

I had no intention to go to the movies three times this weekend. My sister and I had contemplated going to see The Amazing  Spider-Man 2 this weekend, and had plans to see Maleficent with our parents on Saturday morning (when tickets are CHEAP!).

My sister had the brilliant idea of doing a movie WEEKEND, and starting on Friday night with Spidey, and finishing on Sunday with X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Busy weekend, right?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was so amazing! I was absolutely captivated the entire movie, from Peter and Gwen's graduation from high school (where he dipped her while getting his diploma. *swoon*), to the end, when Spidey battles Rhino and credits roll (He wasn't the main baddie this time around). It was riveting and heartbreaking, and cleared up some questions the first installment had left me with.

I love Andrew Garfield, and his chemistry with Emma Stone is amazing. It's no wonder they're dating in real life! They're just so cute on screen and off!