Monday, May 19, 2014

LiveFit Trainer Week 1 Recap

Okay, so maybe these recaps will continue this time around. Somehow, I always get to the middle of phase two and get burned out. It shouldn't seem too hard: See and excercise, do it to the best of your ability, and move on to the next one. I guess this journey into health and fitness is a lot more mental than I want to believe.

But I made it through week one again, which I feel good about, despite having to take my weights down from ten pounds. Turns out in the two months since I last lifted weights, my muscles atrophied a bit (they do that. Who knew?), and they can't handle ten pounds right now. I switched down to 7.5's for my back, biceps, and shoulder workouts, but because the first day, I tried to use ten pounds for my chest and triceps, I was in a LOT of pain all week. Live and learn, I suppose.

Anyway, mini recaps.

I did it as directed, with the exception of narrow push ups. Those are too hard for me. I can usually get out about five, which only goes down from there. Trying to get back in the game is harder than it should be, but what matters is doing it.

Back and Biceps are typically my favorite thing to work out. Probably because they feel strong, and they make me feel energized when I finish. The weight was still too heavy, but I felt good when I finished.

Legs are usually pretty easy to work out, too, because I'm pear shaped, and have pretty strong legs. The hardest is the Barbell Squat, mostly because the bar is hard on my neck. I need to keep a towel in my gym bag to use as a pad between the bar and my neck.

After legs, I'm not sure why, but I took a three day hiatus between workouts, which I shouldn't have done, but I went to the gym yesterday after church, and made it through my workout with lower weights, and feeling good.
I even did the abs (except the exercise ball crunches had to be done on the floor. My gym doesn't have a ball), and am feeling them today!

This week, I need to do my workouts Monday-Thursday, as on Friday, as soon as I come home from work, we're going out for Memorial Day Weekend. I'm pretty psyched about it, as I get to see some awesome people, including my grandpa, who I haven't seen since our vacation back in February.

That's week one. I lost weight this week, which makes me feel good and motivated. Hopefully clean eating will continue to commence as I continue this journey.

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