Monday, May 26, 2014

LiveFit Trainer Recap Week 2 and Memorial Day Weekend

After as much pain I was in after week one of LiveFit, I decided to tone down all my weights last week, and thankfully, it was still a good workout, but without the massive DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) afterward.

I also set a goal for myself last week, and succeeded. At the start of the year, I decided to set one week goals for myself in order to actually make those goals. Last week, I determined to finish week 2 of LiveFit on Thursday, so that I could go camping with my mom's family around Nebraska City. I also did it so that I could spend a little more time with my grandpa, whom I didn't get to say goodbye to after our cruise in February. I always enjoy spending time with him.

Serenity, Aria, and my Grandpa, enjoying shade.
On Saturday morning, I woke up around 7, and it was rainy and cold. It was nice, actually. Got to sit around visiting with my uncle, and cousins, before anyone else got up. I made my family bacon and pancakes on a camp stove, which is different than making it on an electric skillet. Still tasty, though.

Afterward, my sister and mini-Me, Laura, convinced me to go with them to the Flea Market. I didn't particularly want to go, being broke and having not found anything the last several years (I'm trying not to accumulate any more stuff in my life), but I went, bought kettle korn (they have it homemade and it's wonderful) with pop deposit money, and have been enjoying it ever since.

The whole fam.
Daisy the Husky Greyhound

Our *Nameless* Lake
I don't tell anyone where we camp, because it's pretty quiet, and I don't like to share. :-)

My sister and I had plans to come back yesterday, because I had a friend from college coming. My friend, Alicia got to visit me during the dark days I encountered after graduation, and I still look at that visit as one of the few high points of that awful year. She came over to my house for dinner last night, where I made Pesto Lasagna Roll Ups, which everyone seemed to love, and we played Clue, and watched Robin Hood: Men In Tights. The only thing missing was the rest of our college group. Being around one person makes me miss them all. Love you girls!

Tris tried to play Clue with us,
and kept jumping on the board.
Today, while my sister had lunch with friends, and my dad and grandpa made the cemetary rounds to visit late family members, including my grandmother out at Hazel Dell, my mom and I started our garden. Tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, lettuce, beets, chammomile, dill, mint, sage, and basil. Hopefully it turns out well his year, like last.

That's been my weekend. How was yours?

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  1. A husky greyhound?! Never seen one of those before! Your camping experience looks much more quiet than mine at the Indy 500 last weekend :) - Erin @


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