Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gym Politics vs. the Real World

I don't make it a secret that I go to Planet Fitness. It's inexpensive, there are tons of machines, the help are very nice, and the only two problems I ever encountered was in the first week, the employees didn't know how to operate the Red Light machines (and looked at me like idiot teenagers), and the second was when some teenager (notice *teenager* is prevalent for both of these stories) was dropping heavy dumbbells near my head. Neither has happened in a long time. I feel very comfortable at my gym, and get a little pissy when people pooh pooh it for vain reasons.

Case in point, back in March, a woman was kicked out for not adhering to the dress code, which states:

Q: What is the Planet Fitness dress code?

A: We have a corporate dress code policy, for all Planet Fitness locations nationwide.
Dress Code:
No jeans
No String Tanktops
No boots/sandals
The above are all subject to our discretion. Exceptions are made for medical and religious reasons. We believe that this corporate dress code policy helps us to consistently promote a non-intimidating atmosphere at Planet Fitness where members can feel comfortable working out no matter which Planet Fitness location they are using. Our club managers are responsible for enforcing the dress code policy at all of our Planet Fitness locations. They are also responsible for determining which type of workout attire is inappropriate to be worn inside the facility. The managers will use their discretion when it comes to any workout attire that they believe is either inappropriate, offensive, or will cause safety concerns.

As you can read, subject to the discretion of the PF management. 

This story, as well as another last week, kind of grate on my nerves, mostly because of how whiny the supposed *victims* are. For example, the first one says that she intimidated the other members with her toned body. The second one, she was asked to cover up due to her shirt riding up over her baby bump. 

The last few days that I've been at the gym, I started glancing around at what people are wearing. It's getting warmer, so I thought that perhaps people would start changing up their workout attire to something similar to what the two ladies above had. Not so much. There's the occasional guy (actually, same guy) that cuts the arms out of his t-shirts, and slits down the sides (not attractive, but as it wasn't affecting me, I keep mum on it). 

The reason I bring this up is because it's shoddy blogger journalism, not to mention a bias against Planet Fitness to mention these, but not this other story.

There was another story that I read earlier this week, as well, that I agree with the customer on. A woman was working out with her 13-year-old son, and the next day she found out her membership was revoked. Yes, she a personal trainer, but she wasn't charging her son, she was teaching him to use proper form. 

It annoys me that several bloggers I read talk about the first two because they're Planet Fitness. The third story took place at LA Fitness, a place where super fit people work out, and they encourage people who are professional lifters. Because Planet Fitness prefers to cater toward people who aren't more inclined toward fitness, and specific branches took issue with people who they felt were violating their dress code. Breaking the rules. Working out with someone like in the third story shouldn't be considered a violation of any code, since she wasn't exchanging money for services. 

I hate that people make mountains out of molehills. They get offended at everything. The world isn't perfect. The world will chew you up and spit you out. While it's best to find some like minded individuals to share your life, no one owes you anything, and businesses will always think of their bottom line first. Just the way of the world. 

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