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Fun Facts Friday

I rarely do Fun Facts Friday, but I really think I should start. They're fun, right?

Away we go...

1. Janie had a vet appointment today, that I had to cancel. She didn't magically get better. On the contrary, she was hiding all day so no one could find her. When I got home and couldn't find her, then I started to get worried, because she's not an outside cat. She doesn't even try to escape outside. I finally found her under my mom's cedar chest in the doorway. Oh, Janie. You're still going to the vet this weekend...
This is how I'm feeling about Janie right now (Source)
2. I haven't been to the gym in almost two weeks. With good reason, I promise. We've been cleaning and reorganizing and rummaging through all of our belongings to try and get our house ready to sell. We've taken around 8 trips to the Goodwill of stuff to get rid of. I'm amazed at how easy it was to get rid of things that only a few years ago I would've held onto for dear life. Amazeballs.

3. This also means I haven't had time to work on the book, which is making me a little squirrelly. Luckily, during my downtime at work, I've been talking with my fellow writers and putting my ideas out there. They've been met with support, and I feel good about it.

4. My dad and I have been watching old movies this week. Wednesday night it was Easter Parade, which I hadn't seen since high school, and I was slightly disappointed. I didn't buy the love story, and thought Fred Astaire should've gone back to his old partner, and Judy Garland should've gone with Peter Lawford, who was just as adorable as he could be (PLUS he finished law school AND wanted to be a doctor!). Last night, we watched Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks With the Circus, which I honestly think the last time I saw this movie, I was probably about six, and at day care. Makes me want to run away with the circus, myself, though watching Water for Elephants changes that...
5. It's been rainy and cold here all week, and snow is expected. My poor tulips, which I planted four years ago, as a reminder to get a mammogram (Breast Cancer Awareness gift) haven't budged from their spot. They're peeking their leaves up, but they're definitely not sure about taking the plunge. Too dang cold and wet for my liking.

6. I've been really into #TBT and #ThrowbackThursday posts on Facebook. This week, it was a gorgeous pic of me and my college girlfriends at our annual formal. I hate that we're not all together anymore. I miss them a lot.

7. I'm working my way through the second book in the Divergent series. Pretty good so far. I'm a little late coming to the Divergent party, but I read through it and saw the movie on opening weekend with my sis. Holy cow, the guy playing Four is hot! Incidentally, Downton Abbey fans, remember in season one, when Lady Mary was flirting with the Middle Eastern visitor, and he tried to seduce her, but died in her bed? Yeah. That's him!
8. Wow. This whole post is fully of juicy entertainment spoilers. Luckily, they've all been out for awhile, so no harm no foul, right? I'm terrible about keeping spoiler secrets, anyway.

9. Last night was the first game of the Omaha Storm Chasers (I always want to put Troopers. Bad Star Wars Fan!), and it was all kinds of rainy and cold. Hopefully it warms up really soon. I don't want to go to a game and sit on a wet seat! Can't wait to go this summer, though. I absolutely LOVE baseball!

10. I have a sister date with my sister on Saturday night, but have no idea what we're going to do. We've considered bowling, go-karting (Not a fan), Dave & Buster's, or maybe a cheap movie out in Omaha. No idea. The world is the oyster of two hot single chicks, and we have no idea what we want to do. Shame shame. 


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