Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter, Schedule Change, and Food Poisoning

I'd intended to write this post on Monday, but I switched up my work week, because my amazing best friend is coming for a visit, and I decided to take Friday off instead. 

Santa Fe, August 2010
But then, the weirdest thing happened: my dad and I got food poisoning. It's something I never want to relive, but I'm happily on the mend (but seriously feeling dehydrated). I was up on Monday night, every three hours, and it was probably the most gross thing I've ever experienced. Not quite Bridesmaids (Watch at your own risk NSFW), but it was still pretty nasty. I spent all of yesterday either sleeping, or on the couch, watching Dirty Dancing and It Could Happen To You. I could only eat cinnamon buttered toast (no sugar) to start, but later I was able to add some strawberry jelly to it without complications. Last night before bed, my mom sang me "Soft Kitty," I got around ten hours of sleep with the help of Tylenol PM, was extremely thirsty upon waking, and was craving French toast sticks this morning, so a stop at Burger King was in the cards. 

Once I got to work today, I was exhausted, but after lunch, I started feeling a lot better. My mom also made me homemade chicken and noodles. I have an awesome mommy. 

Before all of the crap went down, however, on Saturday, my family and I got to enjoy one of our favorite Easter traditions: Dyeing Easter Eggs. We've done it since I was a little kid, and the only years I didn't dye eggs were when I was in college. And I didn't realize how much I missed it until Easter 2010, when we got to dye them again.

On Friday night, I boiled 3/4 of the eggs (we got 4 dozen), and steamed the rest (I put them in my rice cooker for 20 minutes). While waiting for the eggs on the stove to boil, I heard a pop, but couldn't figure out where it had come from until the steamed eggs were done. Then I discovered this:

Anyone else channeling "Alien?"
 Still good. It got painted blue. :-)

I chose pink and blue. Princess Aurora Colors. Yes, I'm that chick who puts Disney Princesses with my Colors.

Merida, Aurora, Rapunzel Eggs
The fourth carton had two of each color in it. So bright and pretty. I love dyeing Easter Eggs. Absolutely love it.

We usually follow up dyeing eggs with a screening of The Ten Commandments, but that didn't happen this year. I still hope to, because it's one of the greatest movies ever, but hasn't yet.

I'll have more to update later this week once Lauren gets here, and I run in the Color Me Rad 5k this weekend with my sis and some coworkers. Thankfully, my food poisoning was just that, and not the flu, like what's hit a lot of people at my church.

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