Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crazy Janie Austen

Owning a pet is never dull. I've had pets my entire life, mostly cats and fish, but they're so funny. I just can't help myself.

One of my favorite memories of Jane and Henry is when Henry was still a kitten, and the three of us were living in my dorm. I was doing homework at my desk, and they were on my bed. Jane kept waving her tail in front of Henry's face until he finally tried to attack, but she was too fast for him, and whacked him with her paw.

Even though Henry is basically my dad's cat now, I still cuddle him as much as I always have. I used to think that with Henry preferring dad over me, it made Janie and I closer. That hasn't been true lately.

Since cats are creatures of habit, our cleaning and ridding our house of what we don't need has thrown a monkey wrench into Jane's life. She started nervously pulling out her fur shortly before we went on vacation, and it kept getting worse. I thought it was something that could be helped with pheromone sprays, but those just seemed to piss her off. Last weekend, we went to the vet.

I love our vet. We originally took our dog, Rosie, there when we first got her, back in 1996, and we've been loyal customers ever since. When Jane had this same nervous condition back around Thanksgiving, she was cared for by a vet I'd never met, but she was amazing with her. This is the same woman we saw on Saturday, and she remembered us.

Dr. Emily put Janie back on a cocktail of an antibiotics and prednisone to get her skin condition taken care of, but also gave us a prescription for kitty Prozac, to take the edge off her nervousness. Well, the cocktail is doing what it set out to do, and she's healing beautifully. The Prozac, however, had made her more standoffish than ever. She hides under my cedar chest and puts up a fight about her pills.

I guess I just miss my cuddle buddy. I keep thinking, "It's only been a few days! She'll come around!" Last night she scratched the hell out of my arm when it was medicine time.

She's mad. I get it. I guess I should be glad Henry has been paying more attention to me. He and Tris have been taking turns staying with me at night, until I fall asleep. I'll even see them sit in front of the cedar chest, beckoning Jane to come out.

"Janie? Do you wanna build a Snowman?"

Yes. I'm almost thirty and obsessed with Frozen. They practically stole little Elsa and Anna's relationship from my sister and I.

Cats are funny, fickle creatures. I guess I'm just glad that Janie isn't pulling out her fur anymore. *knock on wood*

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