Saturday, April 26, 2014

Color Me Rad 2014!

 Just a forewarning, this is going to be a MASSIVE photo dump. 

Today, I got to do my second 5k, the 2014 Color Me Rad 5k, but this time it was more epic. This time, I got to not only do it with my sister, but my parents were on the path to cheer us on, and mine and my sister's two best friends were there, also acting as cheerleaders. It was a great morning.

The route was almost exactly like it was last year, with a teensy change, with less back tracking.

Started out going North, and went around, counter clockwise.

Without further ado, pictures.

Bright and Shiny before the start of the race.
Waiting for our Wave to start.

Next year, we've decided to do the earliest wave.

And We're Off!

Just hit the orange, and got hit in the teeth.
So much yellow on the ground, if you wanted color...

This is what Kiri had to do...

I can see the finish line!
I wasn't keeping track of my time this time around, because we pretty much just walked. It was still fun. I'd love to RUN a 5k, and I hope my next one will be this summer at the Glow Run.
My best friend, Lauren, and I.
Best Cheerleader Ever!
My sister and I also introduced our best friends to each other, and they seem to like each other. I love when that works out!

Lisa and Lauren

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