Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bestie Visit 2014

Well, the thing I was looking forward to since I got back from vacation is now over.

Sad Face.

But, rewinding to Friday morning, I woke up later than normal, because I moved my usual Weekday Day off to Friday. Gave Janie her meds (I'll be so glad when she's done with those!), had some coffee, and drove to Eppley to grab my bestie, Lauren!

That's her plane! She's here! She's here!
I was so excited to see her. We haven't seen each other since Kiri and I drove to Colorado for our cousin's wedding, and we had a late lunch at Cafe Rio (I really want a tall glass of Mint Limeade just talking about it!), before heading on to the rehearsal dinner.

When I picked her up from the airport, we headed out to Jimmy's Egg for breakfast (by this time, my coffee was starting to make me jittery without anything to sop up the caffeine), and started talking and chatting like old times. We go out to eat and we talk. It's what we do.

I couldn't eat all of my breakfast, as I was still recovering from having food poisoning last week, but the rest of it kept until breakfast the next day.

After breakfast, we drove to the MAC in Council Bluffs to pick up mine and Kiri's race packets for the next day, before running home, and getting changed to go to the zoo (I was looking all sassy, and not wearing appropriate walking shoes for the hilly Henry Doorly Zoo.

Photo Dump!

Going backward, we ended with the Skyfari, which was fun. I rarely do things that cost me money, but $3 for a birdseye view of the zoo is always fun.

Beautiful giraffe
Garden of the Senses
Being attacked by a hippo. No big!
Before the Skyfari, we walked around, and got to see the bears, which are a favorite of mine. They were filling up the Polar Bear pool, but he was hanging out on his cliff, doing his best Simba impression.

Closest thing to Pride Rock you can get in Omaha.
Before the Bears, we went around the Butterfly/Bug House. I love seeing the butterflies and some of the bugs, but the bugs I wanted to see weren't on display (I love bees. They keep us fed).

A couple beautiful birds at the Butterfly habitat.

Almost everywhere in the zoo was packed with people. Despite the weekday, there were lots of field trips going on, and lots and lots of children. *twitch*.

It's not that I don't like kids, but that number in an enclosed space was crazy.

That being said, the aquarium was fun because it's changed a lot since the last time I was there with my dad.

Upside Down Jelly Fish

Moon Jelly Fish

More Jelly Fish

The penguins were in full on show that day.

Wall o'Fish!

Bruce welcomes you to the Aquarium
 The Lied Jungle was so much more crowded and humid than I remember it being, and I've been going since they built it in 1991! It was fun, but man, was it hot!

Not sure what kind of turtle this is, but he looked melty.
 In 2010, they closed Rosenblatt Stadium and tore it down. This broke my heart for a number of reasons, but I'm glad that the zoo bought it and kept the sign, some of the seats, and that home plate is still there. Everywhere else is a parking lot, but at least they've memorialized it.

When we got home, Kiri and her best friend, Lisa, were waiting for us, and it was amazing seeing Lisa again. Lisa's kooky, but it meshes with our version of kooky, and we all have fun together. Plus, she and Lauren got alone really well together.

On Saturday morning, Kiri and I did the Color Me Rad 5k, and had a blast, and even saw my parents on the track. When we got home, mom said she's going to do it with us next year. I hope she does. Maybe dad could even do it. *hint hint!*

Saturday afternoon was REALLY low key. Kiri, Lauren, Lisa, and I drove out to the Red Robin in Pappillion for lunch, as we were all starving. There was talk of going to Build-a-Bear at Oakview, but alas, naps vetoed it. Lauren and I also watched Austenland, which was really cute (I know. I promoted it through Yekra a few months ago, and if you're still interested in it, here's the link).

Shockingly enough, Lisa and Lauren hadn't seen two super popular movies, so we decided to watch them. Lisa hadn't seen Frozen yet, and because of that, no one would let me sing along while we watched. Rude. Lauren had never seen The Avengers, and we watched it after dinner (and after my shower. Had to get the color out of my hair somehow!). I think she enjoyed it, but Avengers is one of those tricky movies where it helps to watch The Hulk, Iron Man 1 and 2, Captain America, and Thor beforehand. My family is actually starting a marathon up soon, watching them all in order. To get the order, go here.

Sunday, it was pouring rain. I had to be at both services for church, as I was singing a special. I was going to share a video of my special, but the sound was all funky, so that's not happening. Sorry.

After church, we had soup and sandwiches (perfect for rainy weather), and started watching "Thor." Sadly, we had to cut it short, because we had tickets to the Opera to see Cinderella. It was interesting. The music was pretty, but we all honestly felt underwhelmed by it. I think too much of it was excessive and repetitive. I'm still looking forward to going to next year's season, though. I do love experiencing Opera, even if the story isn't my favorite. This year, Carmen was my favorite. Bizet is beautiful.

Cheap seats? GOOD seats. :-)
A stop at Runza on the way home, and a few episodes of Community later, Lauren and I started a project that is about eight years in the making. We've been really good friends since about 2007, but we've known each other since 2005. We enjoy eating out and watching movies together. We're simple girls, and creatures of habit. Last night, we set up our own blog to share our thoughts about movies, and once it was set up, we watched our first movie: Clueless. Lauren found pictures for the blog, and I edited it. Please check it out. We're really proud of it. Riffs From the Dork Side. It's gonna be a thing.

I was sad to see my best friend go today, but we had a parting lunch at Pickleman's, one of our favorite restaurants from our college days. They don't have them in Colorado, and ours is a recent addition. It was wonderful, and I'm so glad that we got to go. I really need to see if they'll deliver to work sometime.

Au Revoir, Bestie. I miss you already!
I had a great weekend, and I'm sorry it's over. I don't get enough girlfriend time with all of Nebraska separating us (Dang Cornhuskers).

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