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Bestie Visit 2014

Well, the thing I was looking forward to since I got back from vacation is now over.

Sad Face.

But, rewinding to Friday morning, I woke up later than normal, because I moved my usual Weekday Day off to Friday. Gave Janie her meds (I'll be so glad when she's done with those!), had some coffee, and drove to Eppley to grab my bestie, Lauren!

I was so excited to see her. We haven't seen each other since Kiri and I drove to Colorado for our cousin's wedding, and we had a late lunch at Cafe Rio (I really want a tall glass of Mint Limeade just talking about it!), before heading on to the rehearsal dinner.

When I picked her up from the airport, we headed out to Jimmy's Egg for breakfast (by this time, my coffee was starting to make me jittery without anything to sop up the caffeine), and started talking and chatting like old times. We go out to eat and we talk. It's what we do.

I couldn't eat all of my breakfast, as I was still recovering from having food poisoning…

Color Me Rad 2014!

Just a forewarning, this is going to be a MASSIVE photo dump. 

Today, I got to do my second 5k, the 2014 Color Me Rad 5k, but this time it was more epic. This time, I got to not only do it with my sister, but my parents were on the path to cheer us on, and mine and my sister's two best friends were there, also acting as cheerleaders. It was a great morning.

The route was almost exactly like it was last year, with a teensy change, with less back tracking.

Started out going North, and went around, counter clockwise.

Without further ado, pictures.

Has it really been...?

It barely feels like any time has passed since I was in high school. Dancing in Show Choir, acting in plays, studying, researching Queen Elizabeth for National History Day. There was the stress of tests, and friendships, auditions, contests. Craziness ensued, but I still managed to escape unscathed (and in several of my senior yearbook photos, despite being out sick for group pictures).

High school is that awkward stage where only a select few make it through looking and acting fabulous all the time, and those few are usually in movies, and not even teenagers. When I was in high school, I started feeling more comfortable with who I was. I remember that I'd started not caring what people thought, and doing my own thing when I was fifteen. I took classes that my friends didn't because I wanted to branch out, and I'm glad I did. If I hadn't taken French or Painting, I never would've gotten super close to my friend, Sara, and if I hadn't taken Painting, I would'…

Easter, Schedule Change, and Food Poisoning

I'd intended to write this post on Monday, but I switched up my work week, because my amazing best friend is coming for a visit, and I decided to take Friday off instead. 
But then, the weirdest thing happened: my dad and I got food poisoning. It's something I never want to relive, but I'm happily on the mend (but seriously feeling dehydrated). I was up on Monday night, every three hours, and it was probably the most gross thing I've ever experienced. Not quite Bridesmaids (Watch at your own risk NSFW), but it was still pretty nasty. I spent all of yesterday either sleeping, or on the couch, watching Dirty Dancing and It Could Happen To You. I could only eat cinnamon buttered toast (no sugar) to start, but later I was able to add some strawberry jelly to it without complications. Last night before bed, my mom sang me "Soft Kitty," I got around ten hours of sleep with the help of Tylenol PM, was extremely thirsty upon waking, and was craving French toast stic…

A "Healthified" Pinterest Brownie

Happy Hump Day!

I don't know about anyone else, but I've got a serious chocolate obsession. Sometimes, I don't feel like making a whole pan of brownies, so Pinterest has become my go-to place to find fast, easy brownies. I have actually found a winner that is so easy to make that I have it memorized.

 If you can't read that, this is what it boils down to:
1/4 Cup Flour1/4 Cup Sugar2 TBS Cocoa Powder1/4 tsp Salt2 TBS Canola Oil (I tried olive oil first, but it was VERY rich)3 TBS Water Mix dry ingredients, Add Wet ingredients, stir well. Cook for 1 minute 45 seconds. Add ice cream if you choose.
I've been known to dress this up with nuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips. Very tasty noms.
That being said, I said that I was going to show off a "Healthified" version of this same recipe (I said I liked to dress it up and change it, right?).
I did this:  1/4 Cup SPELT Flour1/4 100% Maple Syrup2 TBS Cocoa Powder1/4 tsp Salt2 TBS COCONUT Oil3 TBS Water. Mix as…

I am a Writer: Believing in Yourself When Your "Real" Job Gets You Down.

I've wanted to write stories for a living since I was nine years old. I don't remember the date, but I remember the cause. Up until that time, I knew I either wanted to be an actress, a painter, a singer or a dancer.

That all changed in Fall 1994. I was in the third grade at Loess Hills Christian School, and my parents took me to see Little Women at the Omaha Cinema Center (Don't ask me how I remember that little fact!). All I knew is that it was a period piece, and I so wasn't into period pieces. Who watches period pieces in 1994? In all my third grade glory, I thought I knew everything about film and what people like. It all changed when I saw this movie, and was floored by the beautiful story, especially that of a young girl in Civil War-ravaged America who wanted nothing more than to be a writer, and live out her adventures through her stories. It was as if the Heavens opened and offered me my entire future in one viewing. I promptly went home and tried to write my…

Movie Review: God's Not Dead

We go through life each day, almost never having to take a moment, or three 20-minute sessions, to explain our lives, how we got here, our belief system, etc. I'm thankful that I don't have to explain myself very often, because to be completely honest, I know what I believe, but I don't want to have to explain it.

I like to believe that if it came to it, I would be able to step up to the challenge and fight for my Lord and Savior, because there is nothing in this world that I believe in more than God's love for me, but until God places us in that position, we have no way to prove it, except to living out His word every day.

The premise of the film God's Not Dead is just that. A young college Freshman, Josh (Shane Harper) who wants to go to Law School has to take a humanities course for his major, and opts to take Prof. Radisson's (Kevin Sorbo) Philosophy 150 course. Prof. Radisson is a hard core atheist who, in order to not have to teach the part of the curricu…