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Vacation Recap #8: Viva la Mexico!

It's been a month since my vacation, and I can't believe that this is my last post! The whole shebang is officially over now, which means that I have to start focusing on my next vacation, which is going to be NEXT February, when I run the Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge with some of my friends, and my big sis!

Our second excursion, which came on our third day at sea was when we went to Cozumel. This excursion was my entire family: Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Chris and I. When we got off the boat, we had to POWERWALK (I wish I was kidding) to the bus, which was through a mall-type area. It was a really long schlep, and that was my only complaint about the entire thing.

Once we got onto our bus and met our tour guide Alex, we took the long drive to our first destination, The Ruins at San Gervaiso, which held the temple of the goddess, Ixchel (Side note: I have a friend at work named Izchel, and I was totally thinking of her during this part of the trip).

There were iguanas all over the place. So tame, and so still. Just getting some sun, and enjoying the nice breezes. 

After perusing the ruins, my mom ordered a Coco Loco inside of a ginormous coconut. We all got to try it, and got silly pictures from it. I wasn't crazy about the drink, but everyone else seemed to like it. The bartender even offered to cut the coconut open so we could eat the meat. The coconut meat was flavorless and *gags*. None of us actually liked it, and I figure the coconut wasn't actually ripe yet (I've never seen a coconut that people eat look like that). 

After we got back onto our bus, we got a bit of a tour of the island on the way to the beach. I took a few pictures, but then took a little snooze. I was really tired on this trip, which I attribute to the sun, after being cooped up all winter.

Stunning beaches

Which one would we stop at?
We kept assuming that we'd pull over to one of the many public beaches on the side of the road, but we got the biggest thrill of all when we pulled into a resort, which had a water park, shops, restaurant, pool, bar, and beach.

The restaurant was underneath this large tent, which kept the breeze coming, and the sun off. It was absolutely perfect.

We spent more time in the pool than the beach (mom, Kiri, and I went to the beach, and into the ocean. Lots of rocks and shells and uneven terrain until you got out to the deeper part, where you could wade.

I gave Serious consideration to going to the hammocks and napping in the sun, but there just wasn't time. There was swimming, and eating and drinking to be had.

We got lunch at the resort (thank God. I was STARVING!), and the menu had two sides: one side with American dollars and the other side with Mexican Pesos. While looking at the menu, my grandpa was looking at the peso side, which showed prices at 250-1500 in pesos, and he leans over to me and asks, "Who's paying for this?" I could've been cruel and told him HE was (as my dad suggested), but I love my 80-year-old grandpa, and didn't want him to have a heart attack on vacation, so I flipped the menu over, and showed him the real prices. He felt much better after that. My grandpa is so cute.

Oh, chicken tacos, so delicious. Guacamole so fresh!
Also, as part of our excursion, we got one free drink, and it could be ANYTHING. I got a Tequila Sunrise, mom got a Bloody Mary (Super Spicy!), dad got a 7 & 7, which I'd only ever heard about, but never tried. Tastes like Sprite, and I can't remember what Kiri or Grandpa got.

Tequila Sunrise: Minnie Mouse Approved
Also, it took awhile for our lunch to get to us, so they gave us a second complimentary drink. I NEVER drink, so two was making me a little buzzy. At least I wasn't driving. :-)

Once we got back to the city, mom, dad and grandpa went back to the boat while Kiri and I went to Diamonds and Tanzanite International for our charms. People in Cozumel call you to try to get into their stores, and they're a little on the pushy side, which I didn't like at all. When I shop, unless I need a new size, or need to pay, I like to be left alone. On our way to Tanzanite International, several more people were calling, one person actually asked if we wanted clothes, jewelry or pharmaceuticals. Yeah. Pharmaceuticals. Haven't been offered drugs since I was thirteen, and back then it was pot. I've really come up in the world, haven't I?

I enjoyed Mexico, and was excited to finally get to Cozumel. We were supposed to go to Cozumel on our first cruise back in 2009, but because of the H1N1 virus, we got switched to Key West and Nassau (which was just as awesome). It was a new experience, and an exciting one. The more I cruise, the more I want to do more of it. It's one of the best ways to see different countries without having to pay separately for food, lodging and transportation. There is a cost for excursions, souvenirs and extras, but overall, the cost is significantly lower than traveling by land. My only regret with cruising is that my family didn't discover it until my sister and I had graduated college!


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