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Vacation Recap #6: Triton's, Grad Marnier Souffle, and The Best Creme Brulee on the Sea

Yes! I'm back with the food! I'm a total foodie at heart, so it's not that surprising. I've got a few more recaps, but the food is always a big hit on cruises for me, because I get to try things I've ever had before.

Back at Triton's for dinner, I was excited, because we only got to eat there once for dinner (twice for breakfast). This was most definitely my favorite place for dinner. I loved everything I ate, and just enjoyed how attentive our servers, Omar and Andrew, were that night. Their other two tables opted to dine elsewhere (because they were insane! The food was phenomenal!)

Picture time!

This was actually my aunt's drink, I believe it was the Imagination? I honestly can't recall, but it was very vivid and tasty. Wish I'd gotten one!

My appetizer that night was decided on the first day, when I was outside of Triton's looking at their menu next to the door. Pure curiosity, but after looking it over, I decided on the Deep Fried Brie. It was drippy and delicious, and just what I wanted. It was so delectable that when some of it dripped onto my plate, I grabbed my knife and slathered it onto a slice of bread to keep enjoying. I was in a good place that night. It also had a cranberry relish, which was different, but not bad.

My grandpa and mom both had escargot. I'm culinarily adventurous on cruises, but not THAT adventurous!

My next course, I was going for the green. Salad. I got mixed greens with a goat cheese crouton. I love goat cheese, but it was a LOT of goat cheese. And I ate it all. Tasty, but a lot.

For my entree, once again, I knew exactly what I wanted to get. I'd planned it for a long time, considering that Triton's has a menu online. I've never had duck before, and I wanted to give it a whirl. I got the crispy roasted duck breast. I'm not sure what I was expecting. I was good, but not what I thought it would be. I liked the slices, but not the bone-in. I'm not a fan of eating things with bones still in tact.

Now, the piece de resistance. Dessert. I did get Sweet Temptations, which included Praline Petit Choux, Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee, and Chocolate Mousse.

On the last cruise, my mom tried the Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee, which she said was the best dessert she'd ever had. She's searched high and low for the recipe, and even bought a Tahitian Vanilla Bean from a spice shop in Omaha  to try to make it herself. We've been told that you can ask for specific recipes on Disney, and they'll give them to you. Unfortunately, we didn't get the recipe for the Creme Brulee, but as soon as the move is finished, and we get things back in order, I imagine that we'll buy a kitchen torch and do it at the new place.

My dad, grandpa, and I also split the Grand Marnier Souffle, because I've never had souffle from a restaurant before, and really wanted to try it. It came with creme anglaise to pour into it, and it was the funniest thing, because I was about to stick my fork into it (sans creme anglaise), when Andrew grabs a fork, and starts digging a hole in the middle of it! He then proceeded to pour the sauce into the hole.

So THAT'S how you serve sauce with a souffle! I never knew that before. When my bestie, Lauren, comes to visit me, I told her I'd teach her how to make souffle, and now I'll know the correct way to eat it. Score!

This was definitely my favorite night. Omar and Andrew were hilarious, doing napkin origami (I think they were really bored), the food was amazing, and we were all in pretty good moods from visiting Cozumel that day. All in all, a fun time was had by all.

Note the folded napkin hat, tie, shirt, jacket, pants and shoes.

Andrew being a Goofball
Photo by Ed Martin


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