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Vacation Post #3: Disney Cruise Line Animator's Palate

I've got a Golden Ticket!
When we got our dinner tickets upon entering our stateroom, mom, Kiri and I were all pretty psyched to see that we were scheduled not once, but twice at the infamous Animator's Palate. We had such a great time on the Dream at the Animator's Palate, that getting to go there twice on the Wonder was exciting. Especially considering this was the originally design for the restaurant. It started out black and white, like you're in a pencil drawing, but gradually turned to color as the courses were brought out.

Say Hello, Kiri!
There were lights all over the ceiling, and at the brush tips that masqueraded as pillars, which changed color as the night wore on. We were seated in the middle of the room, so we got to see everything!

Say Hello, Grandpa!
There were also tiny holes all over the walls and ceiling, which is how the lights changed and went from Black and White to Color. Our waiters' vests even got flipped around once the room went to color!

Notice the vests?
There were pictures all over the wall that did the color change thing, and the bigger pictures actually switched from frame to frame so you could see them all change.  Like Dumbo, below.

See the walls changing color here? This is actually when things got exciting. We had a special show in the middle of dinner that brought a smile to everyone's face and a tear to a select few's eyes (not mine. Promise).

The chandelier was so cool. Too big for my house, but pretty awesome, regardless.

Sorcerer Mickey! It was exciting to see Mickey dancing about with the waitstaff, and he even danced by our table!

I was a little disappointed that there weren't brooms or mops with him, but it was still awesome!

Time for the piece de resistance. The food.

I'm rarely disappointed by Disney food, and on cruises, I like to branch out and try new things. I wish I'd gotten a picture of everything, but I was pretty hungry, and started eating before I could grab a picture of my Appetizer and Salad.

My appetizer was the Smoked Salmon Tartarre, which is basicallychopped up raw salmon with dill, capers, horseradish cream and even caviar. I used to not think that I was a caviar fan. I hadn't had it until my cousin got married in 2004, and it was in the butter. I won't buy it myself, but I certainly won't say no to it, either. It was delicious.

The salad I got was the Arugula and Curly Endive Salad, which had sliced chorizo and figs, which I love. It was amazing. I would make sure to get bites with bits of everything, and it was all good.

My Entree was the Ginger Teriyaki Dusted Angus Beef Tenderloin, which came with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and Bok Choy. I didn't initially taste the wasabi, but later on in provided a real kick. It was a winner, and recommended by our server, Omar. Smart man, that Omar.

I had a game plan for my desserts for all meals on the cruise. The Sweet Temptations: Three smaller-sized desserts of other options on the menu. At the Animator's Palate, the three options were Lemon Raspberry Tart, White Chocolate Fudge Cheese Cake, and Chilled Mango Mousse. All three were perfection, and I knew this whole Sweet Temptations plan was a good one (And yes, I did the Sweet Temptations thing at ALL dinners!).
Aren't they adorable?
That is the first dinner we had on the cruise, and it was delectable, and the team of the Wonder puts on quite the dinner show. Love!

More to come!


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