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Running Recap 1

One of my new goals for the Blog is to talk about training to become a runner, with the ultimate goal being the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge with my girlfriends and sister next February. I'm going to start devoting a post a week to my training, and any running news I come across. 

First, training for the week. I'm supposed to be on week for of Zen Labs' 10k trainer, but I haven't run since Sunday, when I finished week three. I swear I have a reason, and it's not injury. It's just been a crazy busy week.

We're getting our house ready to sell, so we've been going through tons of stuff in our store room to sort. It's been maddening, and actually kind of fun, remembering who I was when I was younger (I don't remember owning so many Beanie Babies, btw). Hopefully I can get to the gym tonight, since I don't have to be anywhere until ten tomorrow morning (hooray for sleeping in!).

In running in the news, has anyone heard about the faux pas Self magazine made, involving mocking a cancer survivor's marathon tutu? Apparently, the subject of criticism, Monika Allen, thought when she provided the picture, it would be for something positive. Self had other ideas, and stated that people would run away from runners wearing tutus faster than the tutus could help you run. 

I've never heard a rumor that wearing a tutu could help you run faster. As a new runner, I'm all for anything that could make what I always considered an arduous chore fun. I've only ever participated in a fun run, and plan to dress up as Princess Anna from Frozen for the Princess Half next year. Competitive, I am not. What is so wrong with trying to do something fun and quirky? Why out down those that wish to make their lives more fun? 

Image by Glam Runner
What's more, Monika has brain cancer, and was running the marathon anyway. She is an incredibly brave woman. She's a woman who shows passion and guts, continuing to do something she probably has always loved. I admire her. It's nice to continue to see passion like that, especially in a world where passion is falling by the wayside for just being mediocre. 

I'd honestly like to know why the author of the article thought she was being funny. Regardless of whether or not she knew Monika had cancer, it should never be okay to mock someone for the hell of it, especially in such a hurtful, yet banal manner. Her tutu wasn't hurting anyone. Matter of fact, Monika owns a company that sells tutus and donates the proceeds to Girls on the Run: San Diego, an organization that encourages healthy body image and active lifestyles in young girls. There are chapters all over the country. I very well might volunteer here in Omaha if running becomes something I stick to.

This is evidence of a bigger problem in the world: People don't treat their neighbors with respect. We live in a "Me" culture, Me against the world, etc. People don't think before they hurt someone's feelings. It's more important to be thought of as sarcastic and funny than genuine and kind. Entertainment probably has a lot to do with it (Performers have been mocking the upper classes for centuries), but that doesn't mean that you should make fun all the time. It becomes hurtful. I think that if people stopped a moment, and realized the power of words, the world would be a much better place. I know I do forget how powerful words can be, despite having such an affinity for words (I am a writer, after all).

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.
Ephesians 4:29

Words to live by, don't you think?
  • What do you think of Self's insult? 
  • Would you run in a Tutu?


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