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A Long Time Ago We Used to Be Friends: A Veronica Mars Movie Review

I have a confession to make. It's not really anything that I've been hiding, but it's something that hasn't come up in probably seven years. Occasionally, I'd let it slip, but overall, something no one really knows about me is that I'm a Marshmallow.

No, not that kind of Marshmallow.


I am a die hard Veronica Mars fan. I've tried to hide my obsession. Keep the snarky witticisms to a minimum, don't talk about how much I've missed watching her uncover the murderers and rapists in her idyllic beachside town, but when Rob Thomas started his Kickstarter campaign to bring a movie to the fans, I was really excited. I was told it would never happen, but they were wrong.

I was waiting and counting down to the premier and opening last Friday. I wasn't sure if I could afford to go, but thankfully, $5 morning movies and one day off a week gave me the perfect opportunity to see it opening week.

And I was NOT disappointed.

I was all alone in the theatre (Monday morning at 9:30? Didn't really surprise me), and this gave me the perfect opportunity to scream, talk to myself and not have to worry about annoying other movie-goers.

To catch people up who aren't as die hard of fans as I am, here is the plot of the TV Show, which ran from 2004-2007.

After her best friend is murdered and her father is removed as county sheriff, Veronica Mars dedicates her life to cracking the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune.

Season one was about her finding out who murdered her best friend. Season two was about her finding out who blew up a bus that killed all but one of the people on it. Season 3 (the final season, which moved to the CW from UPN, after UPN and the WB joined forces) wasn't as good. It had several smaller arcs that discussed finding a rapist, and finding out who murdered the president of Veronica's college.

The premise of the movie is Veronica is interviewing for several lawyer jobs in New York, ten years after her high school graduation, and her high school boyfriend, wealthy bad boy, Logan Echolls, whose parents were big movie stars. He's been arrested in the murder of his girlfriend, pop star Bonnie Deville, formerly known to Neptune High as Carrie Bishop (Played on the show by Leighton Meester, but the movie by Twin Sister lead singer Andrea Estrella), who'd been electrocuted in her bath tub. Veronica leaves New York and her boyfriend (from season 3, Piz) to help Logan find a lawyer, but in reality, she gets sucked back into the Private Eye lifestyle to find out what really happened to Carrie/Bonnie.

The film started with an accoustic version of the show's theme song, "We Used to be Friends" by the Dandy Warhols, and framed it in with the Dandy Warhols' version, which was a great touch, and sense memory had me leaving the theater with a huge grin on my face.

There were many touches about the movie that I absolutely adored. Veronica getting recognized when trying to be incognito while searching someone's apartment, one of the Deputies knew exactly who she was. Which happened on the show. While escorting Logan and a crazed fan of the late Bonnie DeVille's on a "date," Kristen Bell's (Veronica) real life husband played a guy trying to hit on her. Veronica used her two best friends, Wallace and Mac (Percy Daggs III and Tina Majorino) to get information, despite them being a high school teacher and computer programmer, respectively, and being at work. Just like the show. Veronica showed she was smarter than the town sheriff, who was the younger brother of the sheriff that was around during the show (played by Jerry O'Connell in a frightening display of fierce uncaring).

The movie was more of the same as the show, which was perfect. The show was awesome, and the movie gave me a taste for what I remembered and missed so much. The show used to be on Netflix, and I really wish that it still was. I hope when the movie comes to DVD that Netflix will take up both so I can enjoy them again, and continue to introduce people to the wonder of Veronica, Logan, Wallace, Mac, Keith, Dick and Piz.

Thank you, Rob Thomas, for continuing to believe in the power of the people to get things done, and starting the Kickstarter campaign to bring a beloved show back to the audience, who are the only ones who matter.



  1. I too loved the series - BUT was a little disappointed that 1. V was not in the FBI. I kept thinking that she really was in the FBI and was undercover and at the end it would be a big reveal. 2. Wallace was not an engineer. I know they had to get him back to Neptune HS - but as a teacher...blah. 3. I needed a little more Veronica/Keith Mars interaction - I used to love their back and forths. 4. She has been with Piz how long...? And she's straight back to Logan...? I don't know how I feel about that, honestly. Other than all that (lol) the movie was OK :)

    1. I would've loved more Mac/Wallace/Veronica interaction, but every interaction with Keith was them back in their old ways.
      I read somewhere that she and Piz broke up shortly after the sex tape, and reconnected recently (hence why it's been eight years, and she'd never met his parents), so I can kind of believe that.
      Wasn't the FBI a fan theory and not a Rob Thomas theory? I know she had an internship, but that doesn't necessarily mean she'll stick with it. I don't know. I loved it, and everyone has their own opinions.


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