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Vacation Recap #8: Viva la Mexico!

It's been a month since my vacation, and I can't believe that this is my last post! The whole shebang is officially over now, which means that I have to start focusing on my next vacation, which is going to be NEXT February, when I run the Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge with some of my friends, and my big sis!

Our second excursion, which came on our third day at sea was when we went to Cozumel. This excursion was my entire family: Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Chris and I. When we got off the boat, we had to POWERWALK (I wish I was kidding) to the bus, which was through a mall-type area. It was a really long schlep, and that was my only complaint about the entire thing.

Once we got onto our bus and met our tour guide Alex, we took the long drive to our first destination, The Ruins at San Gervaiso, which held the temple of the goddess, Ixchel (Side note: I have a friend at work named Izchel, and I was totally thinking of her during this part of the trip).

There were iguanas all o…

Vacation Recap #7: Day 1 Excursions: Grand Cayman

I finally got my pictures from my camera onto my computer. I didn't take my phone to the different islands with me (call it paranoia), but I used a camera I got from an old roommate back in 2009. It's gone with me on all of my cruises, but only has 128MB of space (hence why I used my phone on the boat, which has 8GB of space).

Grand Cayman was a beautiful island. We were there on a Sunday, which isn't a big business day for them, as it's a Christian nation (woot woot!), so they have an agreement with the cruise lines, where they only come every two weeks, rather than every Sunday. Unfortunately, most of the stores were closed, with the exception of a few jewelry stores (Diamonds International, Effy, Tanzanite International), and the Tortuga Rum Store, which I've also visited in Nassau. I'm not a huge fan of rum, but I bought some Salted rum-soaked turtles, which I've been sharing with my family. At Diamonds and Tanzanite International, I got charms for a ch…

Running Recap 1

One of my new goals for the Blog is to talk about training to become a runner, with the ultimate goal being the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge with my girlfriends and sister next February. I'm going to start devoting a post a week to my training, and any running news I come across. 
First, training for the week. I'm supposed to be on week for of Zen Labs' 10k trainer, but I haven't run since Sunday, when I finished week three. I swear I have a reason, and it's not injury. It's just been a crazy busy week.

We're getting our house ready to sell, so we've been going through tons of stuff in our store room to sort. It's been maddening, and actually kind of fun, remembering who I was when I was younger (I don't remember owning so many Beanie Babies, btw). Hopefully I can get to the gym tonight, since I don't have to be anywhere until ten tomorrow morning (hooray for sleeping in!).
In running in the news, has anyone heard about the faux pas Self …

Computer Issues

If you've been reading for any length of time, you know that my computer issues are practically legendary. Computer and Car issues. Apparently C is not my spirit letter.

Last week, I was minding my own business, when my computer got really slow, and I didn't know what was happening. After almost a whole week of frustration, I reset my computer to factory settings today, only to find out that I've got a driver problem. Apparently getting a new hard drive isn't expensive, or hard to replace, so come next paycheck, that's what I'll be doing.

Until then, I will try my best to blog as much as I can, because I still have two more recaps for excursions to Grand Cayman and Cozumel! They were wonderful trips, and I want to get my thoughts out before I forget what happened (let's be serious. My recaps are so my family and I can look back on our trip with fond memories, though apparently other friends and family have been enjoying them, too. Squee!).

I have so many gr…

Vacation Recap #6: Triton's, Grad Marnier Souffle, and The Best Creme Brulee on the Sea

Yes! I'm back with the food! I'm a total foodie at heart, so it's not that surprising. I've got a few more recaps, but the food is always a big hit on cruises for me, because I get to try things I've ever had before.

Back at Triton's for dinner, I was excited, because we only got to eat there once for dinner (twice for breakfast). This was most definitely my favorite place for dinner. I loved everything I ate, and just enjoyed how attentive our servers, Omar and Andrew, were that night. Their other two tables opted to dine elsewhere (because they were insane! The food was phenomenal!)

Picture time!

This was actually my aunt's drink, I believe it was the Imagination? I honestly can't recall, but it was very vivid and tasty. Wish I'd gotten one!

My appetizer that night was decided on the first day, when I was outside of Triton's looking at their menu next to the door. Pure curiosity, but after looking it over, I decided on the Deep Fried Brie. It …

A Long Time Ago We Used to Be Friends: A Veronica Mars Movie Review

I have a confession to make. It's not really anything that I've been hiding, but it's something that hasn't come up in probably seven years. Occasionally, I'd let it slip, but overall, something no one really knows about me is that I'm a Marshmallow.

No, not that kind of Marshmallow.

I am a die hard Veronica Mars fan. I've tried to hide my obsession. Keep the snarky witticisms to a minimum, don't talk about how much I've missed watching her uncover the murderers and rapists in her idyllic beachside town, but when Rob Thomas started his Kickstarter campaign to bring a movie to the fans, I was really excited. I was told it would never happen, but they were wrong.

I was waiting and counting down to the premier and opening last Friday. I wasn't sure if I could afford to go, but thankfully, $5 morning movies and one day off a week gave me the perfect opportunity to see it opening week.

And I was NOT disappointed.

I was all alone in the theatre (Monda…

Vacation Post #5: Character Greetings

You knew it was coming. You knew that I couldn't talk about food forever (Okay, it was only two days, and the last two restaurants are coming), so today, I'm going to talk about something fun. It is Friday, after all.

Disney is known for its character greetings. I'm not one for lines, so I typically just smile, wave, and if I'm in the vicinity when they're walking past, I get a high five (Happened with Pluto, Stitch, Mickey, and I believe Minnie).
There was always a character greeting somewhere, and the Personal Navigator (Schedule of Events) was good to let you know who'd be around, and when. There were some that were more popular than others, and the less popular (though, still beloved) could walk around and meet people, instead of having long lines. That's how I met Daisy on the last Disney Cruise: I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and I stay until the end of the credits for movies like that, when who should walk in, but Daisy D…