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New Year's Resolutions

I didn't accomplish ANY of my New Year's Resolutions last year. I was looking through them, and the only one I really did was Color Me Rad, but I sure as hell didn't run it. Frustrating, but I might've bitten off more than I could chew. WHat's important in life is to find your weaknesses and either work on them, or move past them.

I am opting to work on my lack of goal achievement by only giving myself baby goals at the start of the week, but only telling myself about them. I know some might say that I won't have anyone to hold me accountable, but I have me to hold me accountable. That's gonna have to be good enough for now, and it'll prove how much I want it, and not how much I want to show off for other people.

That being said, my goals for last week were a great success. I'm glad to start the year off right by finishing something good. I hope I can keep it up.

  1. Eat a fruit/vegetable with every meal. I think I did phenomonally on this one. I prepped a bunch of veggies to take to work, and I made sure to include something, be it applesauce with my oatmeal (made it with applesauce instead of water, and it was great!), or carrots with my yogurt (not mixed in, obviously). I also mixed avocado with my tuna for a healthy fat twist on tuna salad. Tasty noms.
  2. Go to the gym at least six days. Well, my gym didn't open until January 1, which was a Wednesday, so this will be an ongoing thing. I was actually really proud of myself. After two days of attempting C25K, but feeling completely meh about it, on Saturday, I actually completed day one as written (no unnecessary walk breaks). I felt refreshed, energized, and even did five minutes on the stairmaster, the 12 minute ab circuit and five minutes on the arc glider. I had an eventful Saturday, and it really pushed me into full on workout mode. I even want to spend time at the gym on my cruise next month!
Two goals for last week were all I really wanted to handle, but I'm already feeling the effects. I'm sleeping deeper, dreaming more vividly, and I'm not nearly so achey and sore as I used to be. For example, when my mom and I were putting up the Christmas tree, I got up on a chair to put the angel up, and I HURT. Really badly. This week, with less processed junk, and more workouts, I got up on that same chair to remove that same angel, and I wasn't in pain. Of course, I do hurt due to actually working out, but this was completely different. I used to hurt because I sat still, now my muscles hurt from use, and it feels good.

The long term goal for right now is to be able to move with some kind of energy on my vacation. I've been getting winded using the stairs at work, and I'm hoping that by the time the cruise rolls around, I'll be on my 7th week of C25k, and it's an 8 week program. By the start of that week, according to my trainer, I'll be jogging for 25 minutes straight. Whew! Craziness! This is why I'm going with baby steps. Because jogging for two minutes seems disturbing right now, let alone 25 minutes. Baby steps.

Anyway, this weeks' resolutions are going to be silent until probably next week. Hopefully the running keeps up. I was just so energized yesterday. It was awesome.


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