Saturday, January 25, 2014

All I can think about

I leave for my vacation in 26 days. I've been in training for a few new projects at work for the past month, and so my days have been longer, and I've been unable to zone out as much as I'd like (sad, but true). Weekends have been my saving grace, and also seeing the lovely little Disney World Widget telling me how much more time has to come to pass before I'm drinking Konk Coolers on a cruise deck, getting some sun.

It's really all I can talk about at work, and I keep it at the forefront in my mind while I'm lifting at the gym, imagining my butt finally getting in shape.

So, speaking of the gym, I'm back to LiveFit. I just started week three today, and had so much fun. On Saturday mornings, my sister and I meet our friends, Matt and Lisa (marrieds), and while Matt runs from zombies (he apprently has an app) on a treadmill, Kiri, Lisa and I do some kind of lifting. Matt couldn't join us, so I managed to convince them that they wanted to do Week 3 Day 1 of LiveFit with me. This was a leg day, and I really just wanted the help with doing Smith Machine squats. I tried them by myself earlier this week, and it was kind of painful doing it alone, but at least now I knew Lisa and Kiri wouldn't let me drop the bar on myself.

We also invented the "Bad Joke Break." We'd been doing lunges (supposed to be walking lunges, but there's really not room to do that), and my sister broke into a silly joke. Then Lisa. Then me. While we were laughing, we continued and then more bad jokes. It's a good system, but we definitely need to study more bad jokes.

Mine: Where do horses stay on their honeymoon? The Bridle Suite!

After the workout, my sister said something interesting. We were at HyVee, getting bagels and jelly to feed mad cravings when she told me that when I was school, I should have become a personal trainer. Honestly, the thought has crossed my mind. I've loved fitness since I was in school (though it NEVER looked like it). All of my magazine subscriptions are health publications (Oxygen, Self, Fitness), and I love healthy cooking. I've been reading up on HOW to become a Personal Trainer, and there are several different classes that you can take, but first off, I want to see if I can take my own advice. It's a process, one that I hope to accomplish this year, but we'll see what happens.

I think I'm a girl with far too many interests, and not enough time in the world. Always been my problem.

But it all comes back to my trip in less than four weeks. My training program will be at the 6-week mark when we're on the boat, and that's usually where I get sidetracked and stop. Halfway through the program, I get intimidated and just stop. Or I get injured. I've been talking with some awesome people on Facebook who are going through this LiveFit journey, too, and that's been helpful. Plus, my friend, Emily is doing it with some of her work friends, too, so it's great to hear how it's going for her, too. Since I don't know the layout of the gym on the Disney Wonder, I'm telling myself that I might do week 6 over again if I can't do my workouts. I'm also debating taking a resistance band with me for the car ride down. It's an entire day of a drive, so figuring out some workouts to do in close quarters might not be a bad idea. Or I could chillax, and take my rest day. I still haven't decided.

  • Anything cool coming up that you're looking forward to?
  • Have you considered a change of career based on what other people tell you you're good at?

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