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All I can think about

I leave for my vacation in 26 days. I've been in training for a few new projects at work for the past month, and so my days have been longer, and I've been unable to zone out as much as I'd like (sad, but true). Weekends have been my saving grace, and also seeing the lovely little Disney World Widget telling me how much more time has to come to pass before I'm drinking Konk Coolers on a cruise deck, getting some sun.

It's really all I can talk about at work, and I keep it at the forefront in my mind while I'm lifting at the gym, imagining my butt finally getting in shape.

So, speaking of the gym, I'm back to LiveFit. I just started week three today, and had so much fun. On Saturday mornings, my sister and I meet our friends, Matt and Lisa (marrieds), and while Matt runs from zombies (he apprently has an app) on a treadmill, Kiri, Lisa and I do some kind of lifting. Matt couldn't join us, so I managed to convince them that they wanted to do Week 3 Day 1 …

New Year's Resolutions

I didn't accomplish ANY of my New Year's Resolutions last year. I was looking through them, and the only one I really did was Color Me Rad, but I sure as hell didn't run it. Frustrating, but I might've bitten off more than I could chew. WHat's important in life is to find your weaknesses and either work on them, or move past them.

I am opting to work on my lack of goal achievement by only giving myself baby goals at the start of the week, but only telling myself about them. I know some might say that I won't have anyone to hold me accountable, but I have me to hold me accountable. That's gonna have to be good enough for now, and it'll prove how much I want it, and not how much I want to show off for other people.

That being said, my goals for last week were a great success. I'm glad to start the year off right by finishing something good. I hope I can keep it up.

Eat a fruit/vegetable with every meal. I think I did phenomonally on this one. I prepped…

A Year in Review

Whenever New Year's Eve rolls around, I always, Always, ALWAYS look back on the previous year with a bit of a funk. I can only ever see the bad that happened. Don't know why. Probably because my life will never be as I want it, which is why I'm another year older, and a bit more disappointed.
I'm not usually this emo, but I do get this way around New Year's. But, I do know that some good things have happened over the last twelve months, and I'm going to list one for each month.
January: I discovered that I really enjoyed lifting weights. People noticed a difference in about a month, which was really nice to know. I'm getting back to it starting tomorrow. I joined the new Planet Fitness in town, so it should be all kinds of fun times.
February: I got to celebrate my friend, Emily's birthday at a dueling piano bar. I'd never been to one before, and it was actually a lot of fun. Just wicked freezing!
March: I got nominated for a blogging awar…