Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Year in Review

Whenever New Year's Eve rolls around, I always, Always, ALWAYS look back on the previous year with a bit of a funk. I can only ever see the bad that happened. Don't know why. Probably because my life will never be as I want it, which is why I'm another year older, and a bit more disappointed.


I'm not usually this emo, but I do get this way around New Year's. But, I do know that some good things have happened over the last twelve months, and I'm going to list one for each month.

January: I discovered that I really enjoyed lifting weights. People noticed a difference in about a month, which was really nice to know. I'm getting back to it starting tomorrow. I joined the new Planet Fitness in town, so it should be all kinds of fun times.

February: I got to celebrate my friend, Emily's birthday at a dueling piano bar. I'd never been to one before, and it was actually a lot of fun. Just wicked freezing!

March: I got nominated for a blogging award, and got to see the second best performance of The Magic Flute I've ever seen (The first will always be when I saw it in Santa Fe).

April: My big sis moved home. It's been nice having my partner in crime back.

May: I completed the Color Me Rad 5k with no training, but was happy to finish in less than an hour. It was an amazing day.

June: I had an amazing garden. Lots of wonderful veggies came from it, and I discovered that I really enjoyed gardening.

July: I got a new phone! Samsung Galaxy S 3! Not the newest in the Galaxy family, but I love it.

August: I got to take a road trip with my sis to our cousin's wedding in Colorado. I got to see my best friend ever, and got to catch up with family, including my grandpa. 

September: I turned 28, and my lovely coworkers threw me a brunch party, complete with Disney Princess cupcakes. I also got a new computer that's been wonderful to have.

October: I found out that my client at work was going the way of the Dodo. This was a WONDERFUL thing for me, though it proved to be bad for several of my coworkers, who are now employed elsewhere. It was a blow to all of us, but it turned out well for me.

November: Participated in NaNoWriMo, and am in the process of writing a story that I'm liking even more the Sugar and Spies.

December: After not having a whole lot to do while they juggle things around at work, I got put on the Analogies Team to work on a calendar that goes to our clients, and I also got my first stint as a Technical Writer for the CEO of my company. That's been pretty exciting. I also found out where my permanent place would be at work today.

So, 2013 wasn't all bad. It had several high points, several low points, but such is life. 

2014, I hope you have as many, if not hopefully more good moments than 2013. I'm looking forward to several things this year, including my cruise in February.

Happy New Year!

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